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George Matsoukas: Report on the Orthodox Christian Laity 2012 Winter Board Meeting

By George Matsoukas The Orthodox Christian Laity Winter Board Meeting took place in Columbus, Georgia the last week of February 2012 at the Hilton Gardens Inn. Advisory Board member and former mayor of Columbus, retired Colonel Robert S. Poydasheff, was the host of the productive meeting. President Bill Souvall from Salt Lake City, UT presided. The Orthodox Christian Laity Winter Board Meeting took place in Columbus, Georgia the last week of February 2012 at the Hilton Gardens Inn. … [Read more...]

The Role of the Laity in the American Church

God works with and through people. As the body of Christ, the members of the Church (clergy and laity) are called to work together in synergy with the head who is Jesus Christ and with each other. The Orthodox Church is based on a conciliar form of governance. In the current atmosphere of working toward jurisdictional unity in North America and other regions of the world, what is the role of the laity? … [Read more...]

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Implements Fully Paid Tuition Plan

Source: St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary | Deborah (Malacky) Belonick [SVOTS Communications, Yonkers, NY] “It is now possible for students to come to our seminary with their tuition fully funded,” announced Archpriest John Behr, dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Yonkers, NY, as he unfolded a new plan designed to help theological graduate students cover the cost of their education. “Effective for this coming academic year,” explained Fr. John, “we’re instituting a newly devised … [Read more...]

Funding Unity

How do we undertake and develop a plan to finance a unified Orthodox Archdiocese in the United States from the fragmented-jurisdictional Archdioceses that exist? What does the transitional stage of finances look like? Will the fragmented Archdioceses merge legally? How will the unified archdiocese be funded? This concept and questions need the input of the People of God who are the stewards of the Church. We need to provide input to assist the committees formulating regional … [Read more...]

National Philoptochos Issues Appeal for the Welfare of the People of Greece

Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America NEW YORK – National Philoptochos President Aphrodite Skeadas on January 17, 2012 issued an immediate appeal to all Philoptochos Presidents, members nationwide and their respective communities to support a drive for the welfare of the people of Greece. President Skeadas stated, “We enter 2012 mindful of the dire economic circumstances and supreme hardships faced by our brothers and sisters in economically ravaged Greece, our ancestral homeland. … [Read more...]

School of Byzantine Music Publishes Guide

Source: Orthodox Observer | Archdeacon Panteleimon The Greek Archdiocesan School of Byzantine Music (ASBM) has recently published Byzantine Music: Theory and Practice Guide to assist novice-level Byzantine music students and to enrich liturgical music programs in local parishes. Prior to the guide’s publication, the only sufficient Byzantine music textbooks were available in Greek. After the first year of the school’s operation, officials re-evaluated the teaching methods and the resources … [Read more...]

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church: Angels and Demons?

Source: The Sofia Echo | Clive Leviev-Sawyer [January 27, 2012] If there is a hell with a department specially set aside for Bulgaria’s communist-era State Security and leaders of the atheist state, they may be chuckling right now, between being prodded with pitchforks and otherwise tormented. In its early history in power, the communist regime used brutal tactics against all its enemies, the church included. Clergy were executed or murdered, jailed with or without trial, sent to "labour … [Read more...]

The Worldwide Attack on Christians

Source: Commentary Magazine | David Aikman February 2012 Abstract On October 2011, when the so-called Arab Spring took a dark turn in Cairo, Egypt, the social media and smartphone technologies that had aided protesters in their fight for freedom captured new and dangerous developments. On video-hosting websites such as YouTube, one can see footage of the Muslim mobs that began throwing rocks at Coptic Christians on October 8. These young Copts had been protesting the burning of a Coptic … [Read more...]

Assembly of Bishops Secretariat, Committees Conclude Meetings

Source: The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America NEW YORK, NY As reported on the web site of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, a number of meetings were conducted at the end of January 2012. Members of the Assembly’s Secretariat held their annual “face-to-face” meeting at Saint Andrew Church, Riverside, CA, January 24-25. An overview of the work accomplished at the meeting will be included in a forthcoming Assembly … [Read more...]

‘Divine Intervention’ Saves Syrian Convent

Source: News24 Saidnaya - Divine intervention prevented a shell that pierced the walls of a Syrian convent from detonating, swears the mother superior of Our Lady of Saidnaya, a spiritual retreat near Damascus. "The Virgin Mary stopped the shell from exploding with her own hands," said Mother Verone, who interpreted the close call as a divine message that "God is watching over sacred places" amid the unprecedented unrest rocking Syria. The sound of explosions and gunfire from nearby … [Read more...]