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UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies: Los Angeles, CA @ Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies University of California, Royce 306 | Los Angeles | California | United States
Topic: “Reflections on Poussin’s Landscape with Diogenes” This lecture by Herbert Morris (Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA) takes Hazlitt as a guide in regarding Poussin as a poet who works with pictorial images and respects Poussin’s desire to be “read.” Professor Morris argues that, as with poets generally, Poussin sought, in addition to promoting pleasure with his images and their relationship to each other, to stimulate critical reflection, the imagination, and a range of emotions and moods. Professor Morris’ exposition is an attempt to remedy a failure of art historians to provide to Poussin what he desired.  Click here for the readings and images. Self-service parking is in UCLA Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5.  More information and maps at the UCLA Parking website. For more information:  
Theme: “On Confession: Preparing to Purify our Hearts” Speaker: Fr. Wayne Wilson For more information:
Jan 2 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Coffee with Sr. Vassa: Goshen, IN @ Holy Virgin Protection Orthodox Church  | Goshen | Indiana | United States
Speaker: Sr. Vassa Larin (ROCOR nun & liturgiologist at the University of Vienna, Austria) For more information: