Moscow Orthodox Patriarch criticizes Union with Rome

Source: Orthodox Church His holiness, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril I, at the Feast of Victory of Orthodoxy (20th March 2016) held a speech in which he strongly criticized union with Latins that former Orthodox Christians, now known as "Eastern Catholics" signed with Rome, during Florence Robber Synod crises in 15th century, before the fall of the great and holy city of Constantinople (1453) … [Read more...]

Minutes, reports of Spring 2016 OCA Metropolitan Council meeting posted

Source: Orthodox Church in America Minutes and reports of the Spring Metropolitan Council meeting, held February 16-18, 2016, are now available.  See related story. Minutes Committees/Departments Reports Officers’ Reports Additional Reports … [Read more...]

Letters from Metropolitan Hierotheos and Metropolitan Athanasios on the Holy and Great Council

Source: And in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church Letter of Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos to the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece on the texts proposed for approval by the upcoming Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church  SACRED METROPOLIS OF NAFPAKTOS AND SAINT VLASIOS Nafpaktos, 18th of January 2016 To the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Church of Greece Ioannou Gennadiou 14 115 21 Athens Your Beatitude, President of the Synod, Following the Session of … [Read more...]

Analyzing the Holy and Great Council

Source: Huffington Post by Evagelos Sotiropoulos The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church to be held in Crete during Pentecost has prompted a great deal of discussion. The affirmation at the January Synaxis of Primates in Chambésy to proceed with the Council was historic and almost one hundred years in the making. With the stage set, this essay will examine three points: an historical framework with which to view the June 2016 Council; the role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate; … [Read more...]

“Spiritual” Courts: An Unholy Joke

Source: The National Herald BY THEODORE KALMOUKOS Analysis I had written about the so-called “Spiritual” Courts some years ago. The reason that I decided to write about the issue once again is the recent case of Rev. James Dokos, who pled guilty to embezzling funds. And entered into a differed agreement with the authorities in order to avoid imprisonment. There are two types of “Spiritual” Courts. The First Degree, which is convened on the local level at the Metropolis and the … [Read more...]


Source: Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus has sent a letter to the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church concerning the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council. The main propositions of the document were published on the site Vladyka styled the decision that every Local Church shall be represented by twenty-four hierarchs at the council “a never-before-seen innovation,” without precedent in two thousand years of Church history. He noted that at every Ecumenical … [Read more...]

Eastern Christian leaders face ultra-conservative grumbles as they prepare for a summit

Source: The Economist BY ERASMUS  AS ORTHODOX Christian leaders prepare for what has been billed as their most important gathering for centuries, they have many problems to wrestle with. One, as widely reported already, is the chronically uneasy relationship between the two best-known of those leaders, the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I, and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. It is Patriarch Bartholomew, in his capacity as "first among equals" in the Orthodox hierarchy who … [Read more...]

Secret Letter from Metropolitan Iakovos

Friends, As promised, I am sending you a copy of the Motion filed by Dokos’s attorneys to file “under seal” a letter from Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago. The contents of that letter remain secret and should be released to the public, now that there has been a disposition of the case.  Whatever the contents of that letter may be, it is obvious from the response of the State, and from the subsequent ruling of the Court denying the defense motion to dismiss the criminal charge on 1st Amendment … [Read more...]

Holy & Great Council: 10 Things You Need to Know

Source: Coffee with Sr Vassa A popular, catechetical program on Byzantine Liturgy and Theology, hosted by Dr. Sr. Vassa Larin, liturgiologist and Russian Orthodox nun in Vienna, Austria. This episode is on The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, coming up in June 2016. … [Read more...]


Source: Orthodox Christian Laity The year 2016 is a momentous, historic time for Orthodox Christianity throughout the world.  After 1,200 years, Orthodox Christianity is on the verge of a seminal event, a meeting of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, to be held in Crete, Greece, during the week of Pentecost this June. This event will provide a pivotal opportunity for hierarchs to officially recognize a unified American Orthodox Church which selects its own hierarchs. It is … [Read more...]