Attention OCL Members: Notice of Annual Business Meeting & Annual Meeting Proxy

Attention: OCL Members CLICK HERE to view the OCL Annual Business Meeting Notice & Proxy Form. … [Read more...]

Where Have Our Orthodox Youth Gone?


Research by Rev. Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMFT indicates an alarming demographic trend in American Orthodoxy that applies to all jurisdictions: we are losing our youth. Below are presentations and links to more articles where Fr. Joanides quantifies these trends and suggest how ministry to interfaith couples is essential for the future viability of Orthodoxy in America. Most of the information can be found on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese website and deals with trends in the GOA. … [Read more...]

OCL 25th Anniversary Conference


Our Orthodox Past - Our Orthodox Present - Our Orthodox Future WHEN: Weekend of Thursday, October 25, Friday, October 26 & Saturday, October 27, 2012. WHERE: Savoy Hotel, 2505 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC MAKE RESERVATIONS TODAY: SPECIAL OCL RATE Call 800-944-5377 (Call before Sept. 23 for OCL Rate + weekend events subject to change) St Nicholas Cathedral Library of Congress George Washington University, Mt. Vernon Campus Schedule Thursday, October 25, … [Read more...]

A Vision of A Unified Church In North America – Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit [VIDEO]


As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Orthodox Christian Laity, we present to you a two part video interview: A Vision of A Unified Church In North America - with Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit. Recorded at the 20th Annual Meeting of OCL, November 2007. Part 1 Part 2 … [Read more...]

OCL Board Encourages Prayers for the Holy Synod, Clergy and Faithful of the OCA in Difficult Times

Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL)

OCL  is an educational and an advocacy ministry, which has, for a quarter of a century advocated for Orthodox Unity and transparency and accountability in Church Governance.  OCL welcomes the statement issued by the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America regarding the resignation of Metropolitan Jonah, which appears to strike a balance between the sensitivity of the matters contained in the statement and the legitimate needs of the faithful to be informed about issues of … [Read more...]

OCA Leadership Must Respect Principles of Accountability and Transparency

Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL)

Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) calls upon the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) during this most difficult period to be transparent about the reasons for the resignation of Metropolitan Jonah. We call upon the Synod and the Metropolitan Council to be open and transparent in all matters relating to Church Governance in order to retain the confidence of the people whose support they must have in order for the Church to grow and serve the needs of the faithful. … [Read more...]

Orthodox Christian Laity Advocates for United Church

Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL)

Source: The National Herald WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Since 1987, Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) has been the independent voice advocating for a unified Orthodox Christian Community in the United States. That there exist 14 ethnic Orthodox Christian groupings in the United States is incomprehensible to even Orthodox and causes greater confusion for others. Orthodox Christianity is seen as fragmented and in a state of disunity, when in fact no sacramental disunity exists within the liturgical life … [Read more...]

Paul Bunyan Meets the Intractable East and the Mission is Ongoing: A Tribute to Fr. Peter Guillquist


The Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) Board was blessed to have Father Peter Gillquist as an advisor for more than 12 years.  From day one, when I met him, he was bigger than life.  Physically he was tall, robust and exuberant in nature.  He reminded me of Paul Bunyan.  He energized our board when he attended meetings and was our featured speaker at open forums and programs.  He truly transcended all the Orthodox Christian groupings that exist in America.  The Holy … [Read more...]

Memory Eternal! Rev Fr Deacon John Zarras – OCL Board Member


It is with a sense of sadness and celebration that I convey to you that OCL’s loyal advisory board member and my friend and advisor Deacon John Zarras has Fallen Asleep in the Lord - Sunday April 1 about 1:30 pm. Deacon John was a passionate supporter of the mission of Orthodox Christian Laity. He was a visionary planner for Orthodox Christian Unity. He joined the OCL movement formally as an advisory board member in 2000 and helped us plan the 16th Annual Meeting: “The Orthodox Christian … [Read more...]

George Matsoukas: Report on the Orthodox Christian Laity 1012 Winter Board Meeting


By George Matsoukas The Orthodox Christian Laity Winter Board Meeting took place in Columbus, Georgia the last week of February 2012 at the Hilton Gardens Inn. Advisory Board member and former mayor of Columbus, retired Colonel Robert S. Poydasheff, was the host of the productive meeting. President Bill Souvall from Salt Lake City, UT presided. The Orthodox Christian Laity Winter Board Meeting took place in Columbus, Georgia the last week of February 2012 at the Hilton Gardens Inn. … [Read more...]