Source: Zenit Prelates Release Joint Statement on Revisions to Legislation WASHINGTON, D.C., December 28, 2012 ( The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Department of Communications and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America issued the following statement in support of the Federal Trade Commission's revisions to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that were announced on December 20. "We applaud the Federal Trade Commission and Chairman Jon … [Read more...]

No Drunk Driving or Flashy Cars, Russian Patriarch Tells His Clergy


Source: The Wall Street Journal By Andrey Ostroukh The head of the Orthodox Church in Russia, the country famous for its penchant for expensive cars and an unsafe driving culture, called on his clergy to choose their vehicles “with modesty” and not to drink “holy sacraments” before driving. The Russian Orthodox Church has been marred by scandals in 2012, some of which were vehicle-related. Social networks, popular with the Russian opposition and the country’s politically active middle … [Read more...]

Life-Long Learners or Good Test-Takers? An Orthodox Christian Critique

Dylan Pahman

Source: Acton Institute Power Blog by Dylan Pahman The video below of a second grade teacher in Providence, RI reading his letter of resignation has recently gone semi-viral with over 200,000 views on YouTube. What I would like to offer here is an Orthodox Christian critique of the anthropological assumptions that separate this teacher from the “edu-crats,” as he terms them, who in his district so strongly championed standardized testing-oriented education at the exclusion of all … [Read more...]

Columbine, Newtown and the culture of death

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Source: by Terry Mattingly Blame it on the guns. No, blame the judges who banned God-talk in schools, along with most lessons about right and wrong. No, our lousy national mental health care system caused this hellish bloodbath. No, the problem is the decay of American families, with workaholic parents chained to their desks while their children grow up in suburban cocoons with too much time on their hands. No, it's Hollywood's fault. How can children tell … [Read more...]

Greek Church Fields Calls to Do More


By STELIOS BOURAS ATHENS—In the basement of St. Varvaras church, Rev. Theodoros Georgiou issued instructions on a recent morning to volunteers preparing hundreds of packages of food for local families, as two phones on his desk buzzed with more calls about supplies for Greece's growing ranks of the needy. "We do not solve the problems here," Father Theodoros said. "We put out fires." As unemployment has mounted in recession-hit Greece, so have poverty and hunger in Father Theodoros's … [Read more...]


Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo)

Source: All Saints of North America Canadian Orthodox Monastery by Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo) How many and varied are the temptations that seek to rob us of prayer? How manifold are the deceits of Satan and the delusions of our own desire that would hinder us from being present for the Divine Liturgy? If a person — especially a child — finds himself away from home and alone, a telephone call to the parents is a great consolation. Is prayer not the same? Prayer is, indeed, like a call … [Read more...]

The Origin of the Feast of Christmas


Source: Solia - The Herald by Very Rev. Fr. Antony Bassoline The celebration of the birth of Christ has become the most obvious religious-based public festival of American life. Its arrival in December is prepared for months in advance. It is the one event which generates the most anticipation and to which the most tradition and custom have attached themselves. Individual homes and whole cities dress up for Christmas. In popular sentiment, it has eclipsed the greater feast of the Resurrection, … [Read more...]

For Orthodox Christians, Christmas a time of reflection, not ‘entertainment’

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Source: The Vancouver Sun by Douglas Todd Orthodox Archbishop Lazar Puhalo is four days away from completing his annual 40-day Nativity fast. He refrains from meat, eggs, dairy products, anger, envy and other questionable habits during this time to “discipline the soul.” The 73-year-old leader of an Orthodox monastery in a remote corner of the Fraser Valley says of self-denial: “It is an attempt to control what usually controls us.” The hierarch’s fast will end on Christmas Eve – … [Read more...]

Greek Orthodox church brings aid to Sandy-ravaged Gerritsen Beach

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Source: Brooklyn Daily By Colin Mixson THREE HIERARCHS GREEK CHURCH DONATES TO GERRITSEN BEACH A Midwood parish has done its part to prove that the ancient axiom “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” doesn’t ring true. The Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church, working with the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas and the Volunteer Fire Department of Bethlehem, Pa., sent a box truck and three Suburbans stuffed with desperately needed supplies to Gerritsen Beach on Dec. 1, a neighborhood … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Tikhon to be enthroned January 27, 2013; service and banquet schedule announced

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

Source: Orthodox Church in America   SYOSSET, NY [OCA] The Enthronement of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon as Primate of the Orthodox Church in America will be celebrated at Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Washington, DC, on the weekend of January 26-27, 2012. On Saturday, January 26, the Vigil will be celebrated at 5:00 p.m. On Sunday, January 27, the Divine Liturgy, followed by the Rite of Enthronement, will begin at 9:00 a.m. A banquet will be held at the Omni … [Read more...]