IOCC Assists Holy Land’s Disabled

Suma, 39, welcomes visitors with a warm smile and an invitation to see her latest knitting project at Four Homes of Mercy. The rehabilitation and care center serves as a lifeline and long-term care home for more than 70 severely disabled children and adults with nowhere else to turn for help. Samir Zananiri/IOCC

Source: International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — The meningitis that Suma, 39, contracted during infancy left her mentally impaired and unable to walk. She spent the next 17 years of her life traveling from Gaza to different rehabilitation hospitals in Jerusalem and Bethlehem for vital medical care, physical and occupational therapy. With the uprising of 1987, her family's access to these hospitals suddenly became more difficult and Suma's future looked … [Read more...]

Two-thirds of respondents tell pollsters in Russia they are happy with Orthodox patrols idea

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Source: Interfax Moscow, October 18, Interfax - The majority of Russians questioned in an opinion poll expressed support for a proposal to organize Orthodox Christian militias for the declared purpose of protecting holy sites. The idea was backed by 66% of respondents in a survey carried out by the All-Russia Center for Public Opinion Studies (VCIOM) last month. The initiative to form militias for patrolling city streets, put forward in August by the leader of the Holy Russia … [Read more...]

PLO, France to Jointly Repair Roof of Nativity Church


Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) RAMALLAH, October 17, 2012 (WAFA) – The Palestine Liberation Organization and France Wednesday signed an agreement to repair the roof of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. The 200.000 euors agreement was signed in the Muqata and in the presence of Palestinian and French officials. A presidential committee established on December 15, 2008 a special fund to repair the roof of the Church of Nativity in cooperation with the three Christian … [Read more...]

What lies beneath: Sinai’s hidden texts

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Source: The Financial Times By Clive Cookson A scientific effort is under way to reveal and record palimpsests at the world’s oldest continuously operating library The Greek Orthodox monks of St Catherine’s monastery in Sinai have been accumulating manuscripts and books since the sixth century, making their library the world’s greatest repository of early medieval writing after the Vatican. The collection is even richer than it first appears, because many of the 3,300 ancient … [Read more...]

Pope Recalls ‘Authentic Spirit’ of Vatican II on Anniversary logo

Source: By FRANCIS X. ROCCA VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Marking the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the start of a special Year of Faith, Pope Benedict XVI called on Catholics to revive the "authentic spirit" of Vatican II by re-proposing the church's ancient teachings to an increasingly Godless modern world. The pope spoke at a special Mass in St. Peter's Square Oct. 11, half a century to the day after the opening ceremonies of Vatican … [Read more...]

FINLAND: Call for papers for the Fifth International Orthodox Music Conference


Source: International Society for Orthodox Church Music [ISOCM] The Fifth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, "Church Music and Icons: Windows to Heaven," will be held at the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu, Finland, on 3 - 9 June 2013. The conference will take place at the School of Theology (Agora Building), Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland (Yliopistokatu 4, 80101 Joensuu). The conference programme will include a panel discussions, … [Read more...]

Turkey strongly condemns Jerusalem church vandalism

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Source: Trend Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Turkey is closely monitoring increasing attacks of Israeli extremists against sacred sites of Muslims and Christians. Vandals damaged the door of St. George Romanian Orthodox church and tossed garbage at its entrance. A tiny fringe group of pro-settler extremists are suspected in the vandalism. They have conducted similar attacks on churches, mosques and Israeli army property. The statement said Turkey strongly condemns any … [Read more...]

Christians ‘emptied from Middle East’


Source: The Australian BY: ROWAN CALLICK THE mother superior of a 1500-year-old monastery in Syria warned yesterday during a visit to Australia that the uprising against Bashar al-Assad has been hijacked by foreign Islamist mercenaries, with strong support from Western countries. Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix was forced to flee to neighbouring Lebanon in June when she was warned of a plot to abduct her, after she revealed that about 80,000 Christians had been "cleared" by rebel forces … [Read more...]

Ecumenical prayer meeting held in Cairo

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Source: OCP News Service by Amir Ramzi (OCP Correspondent in Egypt) Egypt/Cairo: Heads of Egyptian Christian Churches (Oriental and Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church) gathered at the Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo for a joint prayer meeting. Numerous faithful, Priest, Bishops of various denominations attended the prayer meeting. The purpose was to pray for the Divine choice of a new Shepherd for the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and All Africa. The Papal … [Read more...]

Orthodox Priest Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Source: Romfea / MYSTAGOGY by Nikos Pitsiakides Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, among great personalities from around the world, is an Orthodox priest known as the "saint" of prisoners. Father Gervasios from Thessaloniki has dedicated his life to offer assistance to needy prisoners. The last 35 years he has contributed to the release of 15,200 needy prisoners, who come from 90 countries, having raised more than 4,100,000 euros! People of the arts and many scientists from five … [Read more...]