Crossroads Graduate Convention: Titusville, FL

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February 21, 2013 – February 25, 2013 all-day
St. Stephen Christian Retreat Center
4951 South Washington Avenue
Titusville, FL 32780

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Theme: The No Fear Factor

Presented by: The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States

The reality TV show Fear Factor features people who are willing to face their worst fears for notoriety and financial gain. We find it intriguing to watch people eat cockroaches, immerse themselves in a tank full of creepy worms with legs, and stay under water far too long with slimy eels crowding around their heads. The program reminds us that fear is an emotion that we are all very familiar with. In fact, if we are discomforted with watching this show for any length of time, it probably has something to do with reminding us of things and events that we fear or at least find uncomfortable.

Yet thinking of the program does make me wonder: Would I be willing to conquer my fears to do what Jesus asks me to do, just as these contestants overcome their fears for a moment in the spotlight on national TV?

There is no doubt that fear is no friend of our effectiveness for Christ. We are often fearful about witnessing, giving our money away, saying no to our friends, forgiving a cruel offense, saying yes to a short-term missionary assignment, or risking being misunderstood if we speak up for biblical values at the water-cooler. If Satan can get us stymied by fear, he doesn’t have to do much else to shut down our spiritual progress and usefulness.

Join us this year to talk about what it takes to succeed for Christ in the face of fear.

With Special Guest Speakers:
H.G. Bishop Angaelos of London, United Kingdom
Fr. Anthony Messeh from St. Mark Coptic Church in Washington, D.C

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