“Conflict and Peace-Building in the Local Orthodox Parish”

The Advent Retreat will be conducted by Rev. Fr. John Mefrige. Fr. John has both theological and psychological training, holding both a Master of Divinity degree (M.Div) from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA and a Master of Science degree in Marital and Family Therapy (MS MFT) from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He is also pursuing his doctorate. Fr. John has practiced as a professional Marriage and Family Therapist.  This presentation presented … [Read more...]

The Minnesota Eastern Orthodox Clergy Association (MEOCCA): Choir Concert

From Annunciation to Christmas, the hymnography of the Orthodox Church is sprinkled with texts that prepare for the advent of Christ. Using these texts as well as the Church’s special melodies, this concert will take the audience on a liturgical journey from Christ’s conception to his birth in the cave. For more information: http://www.meocca.org/index.htm … [Read more...]

GOYA Advent Religious Retreat

shrine, st. photio

Theme: “Relating the Holy Days of our Faith to the Life of the World We Live In” As Orthodox Christians, we begin the celebration of the Nativity of Christ with a time of preparation. This 40-day Lenten period to purify both soul and body, is also known as the Nativity Fast or Advent. During this time, the theme of the approaching Nativity is introduced in the services, and on November 21, the eve of the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, we hear the first announcement … [Read more...]

GOYA Advent Retreat

LOVE Makes Us Do The Most Amazing Things: Looking to the Saints as Examples of True Love One of Orthodoxy’s treasures is the example the saints have left for us to live the authentic Christian faith. During the Advent Retreat, we will look at what inspired the saints to live amazing lives. You will see that it wasn’t self promotion or the search for happiness, but it was pure love, for God and their fellow man that gave them the courage to do amazing things. Reunite with your camp friends, … [Read more...]

St. Herman Middle School Retreat: Antiochian Village

This Retreat is for Students in grades 5-8. Retreat Leader: Fr. Noah Bushelli Theme: “ R eading the Holy Scriptures:-Weaving Ourselves into the History of God ’ s Love ” Cost includes lodging and meals at the Conference Center. For more information: http://www.antiochianvillage.org/assets/files/center_pdf/St%20Herman%20Retreat/%2712.pdf … [Read more...]

4th Annual Pan-Orthodox Clergy Advent Retreat:Alhambra,CA

His Eminence, Metropolitan GERASIMOS, His Eminence, Archbishop JOSEPH, His Eminence, Archbishop KYRILL, His Eminence, Archbishop BENJAMIN and His Grace, Bishop MAXIM, invite you to a Pan-Orthodox Clergy Advent Retreat entitled:  “The Sacrament of Confession: Contemporary Pastoral Challenges & Questions” Retreat Master: Fr. John Chryssavgis For more information: (http://www.antiochianladiocese.org/news_100923_1.html) … [Read more...]