26th Annual Clergy Wives’ Retreat at Holy Dormition Monastery: Rives Junction,MI

Monastery, Rives Junction

Holy Dormition Monastery  will be the site of the 26th annual Clergy Wives Retreat. In addition to liturgical worship and fellowship, this year’s retreat features a very special speaker this year – Holy Dormition Monastery’s Mother Macrina. Participants may attend for one day or the entire weekend. For more information and to request a reservation, please contact Matushka Jean Bass.  There is no need to pay the fee until the opening day of the retreat, but early registration is … [Read more...]

4th Annual Clergy Wives Weekend at Antiochian Village

It is with great joy that we announce the 4th Annual Clergy Wives Weekend at Antiochian Village.  To be held the weekend of November 9-11, this event is held in memory of Kh. Joanne Abdalah. She served as an inspiration as the wife of a priest and as a counselor to many. She understood the joys and trials of this life, and the need for finding strength in Christ and each other. She believed that every clergy wife needs to discover and develop her own Christian vocation. In her memory, her family … [Read more...]

Midwest Clergy Wives’ Retreat

Theme: “Compassion in our Daily Lives” This year marks the 25thAnniversary of the Midwest Clergy Wives Retreat. This weekend is a pan-Orthodox event for clergy wives to fellowship together, learn from a guest speaker and participate in the services and hospitality at Holy Dormition Monastery. Speaker: Fr. John D. Jones (Associate Priest at Sts Cyril & Methodius Orthodox Church in Milwaukee) For more information: … [Read more...]