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  1. Susan vanbronkhorst says:

    In a recent conversation about parenting one of my adult daughters commented that children mostly learn by copying — so whatever we want our children to be like, that is what we as parents have to try to be. It seems to me that Fr. Steven is especially right about the relationship with God. If we as parents really loved God more than anybody and anything maybe our children would also.

  2. Antonio, from Brazil. says:

    I’ve not read the entire article yet. I will read. But I’d like to say that I feel intensively theese problems. I am brazilian and member of Antiochian Greek Orthodox Church here.
    I was born in Catholic Church. I knew and I love the Bizantine rite, but, in issue of active participation of the faithfull, I think we have to learn with the western church.
    In my parish we rarely see a young in the Liturgy. About the language, the Orthodox Church was historicaly the pioneer. The history of Cyril and Methodios is the biggest witness. The translation from greek to arabic is another importante example. In Brazil the Antiochian Church is the pioneer in producing the liturgical text in Portuguese. However, it seems to me that the priest don’t make a good use of those translation because they don’t give to the liturgy a didactical role it could have. Another problem is that the adult laity love to include many prolonged chants, normaly in arabic along the liturgy. In general I see the people just seeing the liturgy, not participating. I’d like very much to efectively participate in Liturgy.

  3. Very Rev James W. Bertolini,M.Div, MSW, LMSW,BCD says:

    It is inconceivable for me to even think that those people who captured these holy men would think that they would gain something from this act of violence, God Is God to all of us and heaven cry’s vengeance to those who violate God’s servants (Bishops)As another human being of the Christian Faith I pray those holy men to be released from this abduction immediately with no delay of thought. May God Hold The Bishops in the palms of his hands and keep them safe from harm, and May peace, love, and understanding be with you all.
    Priest Jacobs

  4. I love the idea of the 2 churches coming together in Tennessee. I would like to be a part of it. I live in Ambridge, PA. things are very difficult for me. I’m in a fiery trial and need to move. I’m under too much stress.

  5. Fr John Afendoulis says:

    Well done, Fr. Stephen Mathewes. May the Lord bless your work!! Love, Presbytera Adina, Fr. John, and little Auxentios Afendoulis

  6. Gerasimos says:

    What a tragedy-that is how to spread Orthodoxy lets have a fight between Jerusalem and Antioch!

  7. Old Rome lost its place as “first among equals” becuase it had become a backwater, and was replaced by New Rome (Constantinople) because it was then capital of the Orthodox Empire. Istanbul is now a backwater, is capital of nothing other than a majority Muslim country, which places the Patriarchate of Constantinople as well as the Orthodox Church in jeopardy. The status of “first among equals” (not “Leader of the Orthodox Church,” not “Pope of the East,” not “Younger Brother to the Pope of Rome”) should be reassigned to an Orthodox Church that is not beholden to an anti-Christian government, a Church that actually has people and parishesd on its “home territory,” a Church that does not seem to place union with Rome over every possible other thing, a Church that is not crazed about imposing its “jurisdiction” over the entire “barbarian” world. The Patriuarch of Moscow and All Ruys comes to mind. Greek sentimentality over “Constantinople,” which no lonmger exists, does no goods thing for the Orthodox Church,

  8. Tom Hamilton says:

    I live 40 minutes from an Orthodox Church in TX. I am not Orthodox, but want to be. My wife is not able to travel. Is it possible that new parishes will be added?

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