Opinion Piece on Sixth Assembly of Bishops in Chicago, IL – September 15-17, 2015

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity by George Matsoukas The case for Unity among the Orthodox Jurisdictions is made more manifest by the sabotaging of the Assembly of Bishops by the Antiochian Archdiocese.  The dispute between Old World Patriarchs undermines the establishment of canonical order in the USA.  The dispute over Qatar appears to be the reason why the Patriarchate of  Antioch changed its mind and negated its signature on the Chambésy  Accord of 2008.   The act and statement … [Read more...]

“Orthodox Working Together” – Annual OCL Meeting and Forum

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity The Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) is holding its 28th Annual Meeting and Community Forum in San Diego, California, November 4-7, 2015.  “Orthodox Working Together” will be the theme of the event with a special emphasis on Project Mexico.  Conference hotel is the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay. The Business Meeting will take place at the Catamaran at 3 p.m. on Friday, November 6.  That evening, beginning at 7 p.m., a community forum will be held at St. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Orthodox Christian Fundamentalism: what is it and does it exist?

Source: Ancient Faith Radio / Ancient Faith Today Podcast: Orthodox Christian Fundamentalism: what is it and does it exist? Length: 1:07:37 Earlier in the year, one of Kevin's guests, Dr George E Demacopoulos, wrote on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese blog that through the increasing expansion of 'Orthodox fundamentalism' in ordinary parishes, "the entire Orthodox Church is at risk of being hijacked by extremists". Father John Whiteford, ROCOR priest and blogger wrote a robust rebuttal to … [Read more...]

Share the Faith Ministries has a new Website

Source: Share the Faith Ministries Share the Faith Ministries has a new web site.  The purpose of the ministry is to assist clergy who do not have parish assignments or who hold low paying secular jobs to network with each other and to develop a funding source to assist them with their part-time ministries. … [Read more...]

Conference in Preparation for the Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church

Source: Fordham University Co-sponsored by the Orthodox Theological Society in America (OTSA) and the Orthodox Christian Studies Center Friday, June 26 – Saturday, June 27, 2015 Fordham School of Law | 150 W. 62nd St. (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues)│ New York, N.Y. In 2016, the leaders of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches from around the world will gather at the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople/Istanbul for a much discussed and anticipated Council. This … [Read more...]

Stop Stripping Orthodox Christian Clergy of Ecclesastical Names and Titles On Facebook

Source: Change.org Facebook has recently begun demanding that Orthodox Christian clergy and monastics; i.e., those known as Priest, Abbot, Monk, Nun, Abbess, Brother, Sister, and so forth, cease using their ecclesiastical (church) names and use only their given names from the time of their birth. In one well known case, Abbot Tryphon - who is known only as Abbot Tryphon among the tens of thousands of people who read his blog, listen to his podcast, read his book, and are his friends or … [Read more...]

A Red Cardinal symbolizes Faith, Hope, & Love

Source: Seeds of Hope - Orthodox Christian Healing & Counseling A recipient’s reconciliation journey with SEEDS of HOPE, Orthodox Healing & Counseling. Looking out the window one day she saw a red cardinal bird pecking at the glass.  It harkened her back to youthful days.  As a child, she was told that the red bird was rarely seen in the area.  If one says a prayer when infrequently spotted, that bird was Christ’s helper and would take those prayers directly to HIM.  The bird is red … [Read more...]

Orthodox Christian Concerns: A Lament for Our Millennial Daughters

Source: Patheos By Jennifer Nahas What is best about the Orthodox Church—holding true to early teachings and traditions—also presents its greatest challenge: making sure tradition doesn’t trump appropriate treatment of others. While many prize the richness of the Orthodox Church, our traditions can lead to exclusion of some from fully participating in the community of Christ.  It’s a fine line, preserving ancient rites without marginalizing particular groups, within a patriarchal … [Read more...]

Support St Vladimir’s Seminary on Giving Tuesday

Source: St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, you can help us launch a new tradition by joining the national movement that celebrates generosity called #GivingTuesday. We're excited to participate in #GivingTuesday. After all, giving is at the very foundation of St. Vladimir's mission. Our professors give their hearts to teach the Gospel of Christ. Our students give their time to prepare for service in the Church. Our graduates give their lives to … [Read more...]

Seeds of Hope – Orthodox Christian Healing and Counseling

OCL advisory board member assists in establishing a new ministry within the life of the Orthodox Church orthodoxchristianhealing.com What We Do Seeds of Hope – Orthodox Christian Healing and Counseling – hopes to change how things were done in the past. All too often the ecclesiastical harm inflicted by clergy to their fellow Orthodox sisters, and brothers (and children), was proverbially "swept under the rug." This led to a massive erosion of trust, to widespread cynicism, to … [Read more...]