Source: Religion Dispatches BY KATHERINE KELAIDIS SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 The Russian government's shutdown of the country's top LGBT website, BlueSystem, is just the latest entry in its gruesome record with respect to LGBT rights. While the time for passive concern by all parties has long past, it is a matter of utter amazement that American Orthodox Christians—even the most conservative—are not more vocally horrified about events in Russia. The complicity of the Russian Orthodox Church … [Read more...]

China see first Orthodox priest in sixty years

Source: The China Post By Tom Hancock, AFP HARBIN, China--His red and gold vestments bathed in candlelight, the first mainland Chinese Orthodox priest ordained for six decades led an Easter service on Sunday — one of the most surprising fruits of warming ties between Moscow and Beijing. Alexander Yu Shi said prayers in the Church Slavonic language and in Mandarin beside the Church of Holy Protection in the northeastern city of Harbin, surrounded by local worshippers. "It is a happy … [Read more...]


Source: More good, more often. Orthodox Christian writers are often called upon to author articles that focus on positive aspects of life in the Church.  Mission trips, fasting recipes, and ethnic customs are all topics that make for a friendly encounter with Orthodox Christianity. But what if the calling to do more good, more often was much more difficult? What if doing more good, more often meant being unpopular? What if doing more good, more often meant being … [Read more...]

ORTHODOX WORKING TOGETHER: Overview on the Chronology and Work of the Assembly of Bishops

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Overview on the Chronology and Work of the Assembly of Bishops Presented on Friday, November 5, 2015 Open Forum at the OCL Annual Meeting held at St John of Damascus Orthodox Church, Poway CA: ORTHODOX WORKING TOGETHER - George Matsoukas, presenter   Will the Orthodox Christian Church in the USA remain as separate colonies of the fourteen Old World Patriarchates and autocephalous churches, or will it finally be a mission Church to the faithful in … [Read more...]

Mass Orthodox Christian Baptism in Rwanda

Source: Journey to Orthodoxy Mass Orthodox Christian Baptism in Rwanda By Fr. John Through the blessings of His Grace Innocentios, the Bishop of Orthodox Diocese of Burundi and Rwanda; on 10th October 2015, the parish priest of Holy Trinity/Nyamata Rev. Petros Bicamumpaka has baptized 32 people in a small lake called Kamatana located in Nyamata Sector, Bugesera District in Eastern Province of Rwanda. Please keep these neophytes to grow spiritually. From the Bishop’s Desk in Kigali. … [Read more...]

Annual Procession of Orthodox Christians in the Holy Land

WHAT ARE CHRISTIANS DOING TODAY IN THE HOLY LAND? Source: The Arab Daily News Annual Procession of Orthodox Christians in the Holy Land by Maria C. Khoury, ED. D. It is four in the morning and while everyone else is trying to get a good night sleep, Orthodox Christians from all corners of the Holy Land collected themselves to march in a beautiful  procession in honor of  the Virgin Mary.  Every year, based on the Old Julian Calendar, the faithful gather to walk the icon of the Theotokos, … [Read more...]

Is Orthodoxy Ethnically Exclusive?

Source: Orthodox Christian Network By Fr. Ernesto Obregon in The Sounding Periodically, I am asked the question as to how I could be part of the Orthodox Church. After all, are not the Orthodox somewhat exclusive? You are not Russian; you are not Greek; you are not Middle Eastern; how could you ever be accepted by the Orthodox? I suppose that I cannot blame people for thinking that. Even for those of us who are converts, we have experienced some Orthodox parishioners who think the same … [Read more...]

Christians in Jaffa Mark Beginning of Christmas Season

Source: The Algemeiner – Israeli Arab Christians in Jaffa marked the beginning of the Christmas season in the Holy Land with an annual Christmas tree lighting celebration earlier this week. At the gathering in the ancient port city adjacent to Tel Aviv, men dressed up as Santa Claus met children, sang Christmas carols and lit fireworks. Orthodox Christian leaders also addressed the crowd of Jewish, Muslim and Christian onlookers, using the occasion to promote unity between the … [Read more...]

War on religion: Orthodox Christian priests, churchgoers face threats in Ukraine

Source: RT Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate has been receiving threats, including that of violence against the clergy, as radical nationalist movements try to take over churches and force them under the Kiev Patriarchate. READ MORE: Unique church shelled, burnt to ashes in E. Ukraine (VIDEO) Using both the years-long strife between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its breakaway Kiev branch, as well as allegations of the Moscow-tied Orthodox priests particularly … [Read more...]

Orthodox Unity: Overcoming the Curse of Jurisdictionalism [Audio]

Source: Patristic Nectar Publications / Ancient Faith Radio by Fr. Josiah Trenham This lecture by Fr Josiah has been delivered in various venues throughout the country, and an earlier version of the lecture was published in the St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly (Vol. 50, No. 3, 2006). The lecture is a theological commentary on the un-canonical arrangement of the Orthodox Church. It is a honest and bold attempt to articulate the evils of jurisdictionalism, and a call to canonically … [Read more...]