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6th Annual Leadership Conference – Money: The Gospel Changes Everything!


Source: Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative

The Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative is pleased to announce the 6th annual Orthodox Advanced Leadership Conference.  This year’s conference theme is Money – The Gospel Changes Everything. Parish leaders and emerging leaders among the clergy and laity who serve the local parish, diocese, or Orthodox nonprofits are encouraged to attend.  The conference is hybrid, allowing up to 100 people to attend at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, NY, September 16-18, 2022, as well as unlimited online participation. Register at https://www.orthodoxservantleaders.com/leadership-conference.html

At this conference, we plan to have honest and candid discussions about money and stewardship, fostering gratitude with all that the Lord provides. We will examine the temptations surrounding accumulation and wealth and turn to the spiritual practice of almsgiving and its place in “working out your salvation.”  We will focus on practices that cultivate generosity and contentment at every life stage, from childhood to retirement.  Those who attend will be encouraged by the generosity the Lord inspires to help position yourself, family, parish, diocese, or nonprofit as a steward within its broader community.

Our line-up of presentations include:

  • Andrew Geleris: “Salvific Giving: Ministry-Centric vs. Soul-Centric Giving”
  • Aaron Warwick: “Almsgiving as Mercy Giving”
  • Robert Holet: “Biblical and Patristic Texts to Build a Framework for Our Life’s Work”
  • Patrick O’Grady: “The Tithe: A First Step in the Life of the Gospel”
  • Presvytera Stacey Dorrance: “Tempted by Accumulation”
  • Gabe Otte: “Tempted by Wealth”
  • Chad Hatfield: “The Cure of Souls and the Absence of Stewardship”
  • Hollie Benton: “Cultivating Generosity in Children”
  • Nicholas Hubbard: “Cultivating Contentment in Young Households”
  • Dean Harbry, PCC: “The Blessing of Wealth Transfer”
  • Bishop Alexis Trader: “Giving as a Transformative Spiritual Discipline”
  • Barnabas Powell: “The Parish as Steward”

Each challenging presentation is followed by highly-interactive discussion questions, case studies, or small group work for all who attend online or in person.  Receive the benefit of networking and fellowship across the Church to support the stewardship God has entrusted to your care!  Register at https://www.orthodoxservantleaders.com/leadership-conference.html


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