A Vision of A Unified Church In North America – Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit [VIDEO]


As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Orthodox Christian Laity, we present to you a two part video interview: A Vision of A Unified Church In North America – with Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit.

Recorded at the 20th Annual Meeting of OCL, November 2007.

Part 1

Part 2



    • william john on

      I am so happy dear brothers &sisters of the OCL, for presenting Archbishops Nathaniel’s views . As a priest in his Episcopate I can only add that he has expressed his wish for one Orthodox Church in America, at our yearly priests’ retreats. I indeed support the Assembly of Bishops. I like to refer to them as the blessed 66. Never before have I been excited since the failed 1994 coming together of our hierarchs. We must stop the Phyletism. Love to all, Fr Bill.

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