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Annual Ancient Christianity Conference Inspires and Encourages


Source: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America | Carla Thomas

The Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black recently held their Annual Ancient Christianity Conference at Antiochian Village, from May 25-May 27. His Grace Bishop Thomas was a featured guest; audio of the Opening Addresses and Sessions is available on Ancient Faith Radio.

The Brotherhood posted the following letter of thanks from Vice-President Carla Thomas:

Greetings in Christ,

Dear Metropolitan Jonah and Bishop Thomas,

How refreshing it is to have the Lord’s shepherds to be so supportive of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black.

The 2012 BSMB Annual Ancient Christianity Conference was held at the Antiochian Village 5/25-5/27. The conference is supported by a grant from Christ the Saviour Brotherhood. 75 men, women and children attended the conference. The lectures are available on Ancient Faith Radio. The Friday night session panel was composed of Fr Maximos Cabey, Subdeacon Paul Abernathy, Turbo Qualls, Carla Thomas and John Norman. They entertained questions from the group about Orthodoxy. The questions ranged from why a black cassock is worn, to how can one love Jesus Christ and love your enemy, to how one can enter Orthodoxy. The panelists shared their journeys to Orthodoxy. They talked about how to acquire the Holy Spirit.

The Saturday sessions were composed of a series of lectures by Abbot Gerasim Eliel, Fr. Jerome Sanderson, Fr. Moses Berry, Subdeacon Paul Abernathy, His Grace Bishop Thomas, Fr. Paisius Altschul and Mother Katherine Weston. We mourned and celebrated the life of Matushka Michaila Altschul, who recently died. We recited stories and sayings by Abba Moses.

On Sunday, we celebrated hierarchical Divine Liturgy with His Grace Bishop Thomas. Then, we departed in peace. We shall meet again in Kansas City, Missouri, 10/2013.

Carla Thomas 


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