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Archbishop Elpidophoros Forms Advisory Committee on the Charter


Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (GOA)Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros has formed the Advisory Committee on the Charter whose purpose is to solicit feedback and ideas from across the Archdiocese as to the future of the Archdiocese as a whole body of our Church in America. The Committee is chaired by His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros and Archon Michael Psaros, and its members represent the entire breadth of the Church. The Committee includes Hierarchs, representatives from each Metropolis appointed by the respective Hierarch, Senators for Orthodoxy and Hellenism, members of the Archdiocesan Council, representation from the institutions of the Archdiocese, members of the clergy, theologians, academics and other prominent members of our community as it was decided by the Eparchial Synod in a recent meeting.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to take the important first step towards a new charter: soliciting and developing suggestions on how the current Charter can be modified and improved. These suggestions will then be submitted for consideration as the work on drafting the new charter continues. “The main goal for the work of the Advisory Committee is to compile a series of suggestions as to how to improve the organization and administration of the Church in America while also considering the need to constantly adapt to the future. Obviously, since the current charter has been revoked, maintaining the status quo is not an option”, said Mr. Psaros. An email address, [email protected], has already been established as one means to provide suggestions for the new charter, and the Archdiocesan website, www.goarch.org, will be the repository for important documents and developments related to the new charter process as it progresses.

The Patriarchate will eventually establish a “Joint Committee” of representatives from the Mother Church and the Archdiocese that will be responsible for drafting a new Charter. During this time the Archdiocese continues to function as a legal entity subject to its Regulations.

Charter Advisory Committee Members



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