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Assembly of Bishops Publishes New Research Report on Monastic Communities


Monk_on_hillSource: Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA 

There are more than 70 Orthodox monastic communities in the United States today. There exists significant diversity among these communities, including in their size, liturgical practices, openness to outside visitors, and educational programs. The Assembly’s Committee for Monastic Communities is tasked with studying and comparing Orthodox monastic communities in the US. Accordingly, this study, “Orthodox Monastic Communities in the United States,”  was designed as a first step toward that goal. The report’s findings are based on a survey that was conducted of all Orthodox monastic communities in the United States in late 2013 and early 2014.

Read the full report here.

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  1. George Matsoukas on

    When will the Assembly of Bishops authorize a study that provides an overview of the lay and clergy theologians in the USA. Traditional Orthodox Christian countries within the boundaries of the old Roman Empire honored and respected the works of the lay theologians. Their works provided balance in the life church. Questions and issues they raised caused discussion and thought. Here in the USA it seems that the works of lay theologians are marginalized. They are not championed by the hierarchy who I think see them as a threat. One needs to ask how so few monastics, about 200 monastics in so many monasteries throughout the land have so much influence on the life of the Church in the USA? Since the 1980’s, such a short time period, they have taken up the time and energy of the hierarchy. Have studies been done to find out how they are financed and how they came into being almost all of a sudden? Let’s find balance. Let’s do a study on who, what, where, of our lay and clergy theologians.

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