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Assembly of Bishops Publishes Report on Orthodox Christian Fellowship on US College Campuses


OCF LogoSource: Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America released a new study report today. The report focuses on Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), the official collegiate campus ministry program of the Assembly. OCF plays a critical role in the lives of young Orthodox adults who study at US colleges and universities. Strong OCF chapters can provide a vital connection for youth to the Orthodox Church and stem the tide of students who leave the Orthodox Faith while in college. For the study, student leaders were surveyed in 130 OCF chapters. What types of challenges do OCF chapters face? What are their needs? What does it take to be a successful and vibrant OCF chapter? The report answers these and other questions from the viewpoints of active student OCF leaders.

The full report can be accessed here. Previous assembly reports on various aspects of Orthodox Christianity in America can be read here.

The author of the report is: Alexei D. Krindatch, Research Coordinator, Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, http://www.assemblyofbishops.org/news/research / Office: 510-647-9427 Cell: 773-551-7226.  Information on Orthodox Christianity in the USA: www.orthodoxreality.org.


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  1. OCF Report Facts on

    Here are some quick highlights from the report that ought to be reason for concern:

    1) 1,350 student participate in OCF. However, it is difficult to ascertain what the definition of participation exactly is. Many of these 1,350 could simply be students who “participate” once or twice a year much like those who only show up at Church on Christmas and Pascha.

    2)According to the Assembly of Bishops there are approximately 800,000 adherents to Orthodox Christianity in the USA. Based on this fact, OCF college students are only 0.1% (one tenth of a percent) of the total Orthodox Adherents in the USA.

    3)73% of OCF Chapters report less than 10 members

    4)29% of OCF Chapters report less than 5 members

    5)OCF Membership is declining from 2013-2014.

    6)Only half of the OCF student leaders take seriously the basic Orthodox Church requirement of the regular church attendance and agree with the statement: ʺI think the person has to go to the church regularly to be a good Orthodox Christian; ʺ So among the leadership of OCF half of the organizations leadership does not place significant value on regular liturgical attendance or parish participation.

    7)Among student leaders, significantly more persons were in favor of the idea that “Children need to be exposed to a variety of cultural and religious differences so they can make informed choices (including religious choices) as adults” than the number of respondents who rejected this statement;

    8)Among OCF leaders 44% of leaders believe that how one lives is more important than being Orthodox.

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