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Bringing Sacred Music into Your Living Room in 2020


Source: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

Once again, our limitations become our greatest resource. Early in 2020, the Department of Sacred Music relaunched our Facebook group and email services in preparation for providing you with more content. We started in July with our Virtual Sacred Music Institute, followed in August with our advanced chant session on the Doxastikon for the feast of the Dormition.

Now we are announcing a weekly calendar with a mix of live sessions and recorded sessions with live chat. We have stand-alone sessions and multi-session series. We have something for everyone: everything from western music theory to Byzantine chant instruction!

Note: Sessions may change. Notification will be through Zoom (for those registered) and on the private Facebook group. Follow this link for instructions on joining our private Facebook group or getting on our mailing list.​​


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