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Orthodox Christian Laity: First Press Conference Below are the video recordings of the first press conference held by the Orthodox Christian Laity. The leading reform movement in the Orthodox Church, a grass roots movement of Orthodox Christians in North America calling for reform and accountability in governance and administration in the Orthodox Church. OCL has been demanding a full and honest disclosure of transactions which have resulted in large losses for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in North America, but entered into without the knowledge of the larger Church body. Part 1 Part 2  

Orthodox Christian Laity 4th Annual Meeting 4th Annual Meeting of Orthodox Christian Laity, October 25-27, 1991. Baltimore, Maryland. Workshop on topics included in Project for Orthodox Renewal: Administration and Accountability; Faith Language and Culture; Mission and Outreach; Orthodox Unity; Selection of the Hierarchy; Spiritual Renewal and Women’s Role in the Church.  Keynote Speaker was Rev. Dr. Anthony Ugolnik. His topic was “Orthodoxy: A New World Vision.” Dr. Daniel Shahas spoke on the “Theological Foundation of the Role of the Laity in the Church.”  Reception hosted at the Walter Gallery.  Senator Sarbanes and Rep Helen Delich Bentley, 2nd Congressional District Maryland,…

Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America CHARTER OF THE GREEK ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA Holy Cross Orthodox Press Brookline, Massachusetts © Copyright 1978 by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America ARTICLE I Preamble The Holy Archdiocese of North and South America, being by law a religious corporation under the name “Greek Orthodox Arch diocese of North and South America,” is a province within the territorial jurisdiction of the most Holy Apostolic and Ecumenical Patriarchal Throne of Constantinople which is the first-ranking see of the body of the one Holy Catholic and…

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