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It’s Time for America to Protect Persecuted Christians

Source: American Center for Law and Justice By Jay Sekulow Today I will testify before the U.S. Senate about the plight of persecuted Christians across the globe. Christians face more persecution today than at any time in history, from jihadist regimes, to Muslim mobs, to genocidal terrorist armies.  America can and must do more to protect these persecuted Christians around the globe. You can read my full testimony submitted to the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs … [Read more...]

How many Eastern Orthodox are there in the USA?

Source: Hartford Institute for Religion Research February 2002 The quick answer:  Far less than usually reported. The longer answer:  According to a recent study of Orthodoxy in the United States, the real membership (number of adult adherents and their children) in all Eastern Christian Churches in the USA can be estimated atabout 1,200,000 persons.  This figure is considerably less than the commonly accepted estimations, which range as high as over four million. The greatest … [Read more...]

How an Ethiopian priest changed his views on child marriage

Source: Public Radio International (PRI) America Abroad Reporter Colin Cosier (follow)  The Orthodox Church dominates life in Ethiopia, and its priests are some of the country’s most respected figures. So when priests take child brides, often age 15 or younger, it's not something that's questioned by the community. Rather, it's expected. Tradition dictates that a priest must marry a virgin. Listen to the Story: “Before, the priests used to think … [Read more...]

Patriarch Kirill: by denying God’s truth we ruin the world

Source: TASS Russian News Agency Patriarch Kirill, of Moscow and All Russia, in TASS special project Top Officials INTERVIEW BY ANDREI VANDENKO On parishioners, occasional visitors, Pope Francis, Charlie Hebdo, and Leviathan -- In your book ‘Life And Contemplation Of The World’ you wrote that, as a young man, you asked yourself whether a greybeard in his seventies, whom a youth deciding to take the monastic vows would once turn into, would spit at the his own reflection in the … [Read more...]

On Curing the Great Schism

Source: Classical Christianity by Schemamonk Father Constantine (Cavarnos) 1918-2011 With regard to what is happening within the Roman Catholic Church, if (as you say) “they are opening new horizons in relations between Catholics and Orthodox,” this is something about which I cannot speak with any certainty. What I can say is that if the Roman Catholics decisively set aside the dogmas of the primacy and infallibility of the Pope, this would be an important step towards unity. You … [Read more...]

Exhausted Sudanese Refugees Struggle For Survival In New Land

Source: International Orthodox Christian Charities Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Thousands of South Sudanese families who fled the violence and bloodshed from their country's civil war now face new hardships as refugees in Ethiopia. More than 196,000 refugees, of which nearly two-thirds are children, have endured months of living out in open fields with little shelter from the searing sun, torrential rains, and floods that washed away the few possessions they managed to cling to in flight. Stagnant … [Read more...]

JOIN the Grassroots Network that’s working together locally for Orthodox Christian Unity

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity A Great and Holy Council of all the Orthodox Churches is scheduled in 2016 to consider, among other issues, how to unite the Church in the United States of America.  Now is the time to prepare for this awesome event.  You can be a part of the process!  Local advocates are needed.  Are you interested in being the Orthodox Christian Unity advocate in your parish community? If you are committed to the canonical order of an autocephalous, unified … [Read more...]

Father Cantalamessa’s 2nd Lent Homily 2015: “East and West on the Mystery of the Trinity”

Source: Zenit Rome Here is the second Lenten homily given this year by the preacher of the Pontifical Household, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa. 1. Bringing together what unites us The recent visit of Pope Francis to Turkey, which concluded with his meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew, and in particular the pope’s exhortation to Eastern Christian and Western Christians to share fully their common faith have convinced me of the usefulness of devoting the Lenten meditations … [Read more...]

A Scar is Not a Wound

Source: Seeds of Hope - Orthodox Christian Healing & Counseling When we suffer wounds, especially traumatic wounds (fired from a job, a divorce, loss of a loved one, abuse, etc.) God can bring healing. Healing takes time and often the most healing comes through others who have suffered the same kind of wounding. Wounding changes us.  It leaves scars.  But scars are not wounds.  Scars are what remain when the wounds heal. Don’t pick at the scar.  You’ll cause another wound.  That … [Read more...]

Grieving friends recall Orthodox priest who forged a singular path

Source: The Day By Ann Baldelli There was little ordinary about the Rev. Matthew Baker, so it's understandable that the reaction to the 37-year-old pastor's untimely death is extraordinary, too. Hundreds of people, some from across the country and others from around the world, are expected to converge in Norwich tonight for the wake and again in Cranston, R.I., Saturday for the funeral of the 37-year-old Baker, the newly appointed pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Norwich. Just … [Read more...]