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Statement by the President on the Occasion of Orthodox Easter

Source: The White House - Office of the Press Secretary Michelle and I extend our best wishes to members of the Orthodox Christian community here in America and around the world as they observe Holy Friday and the Feast of the Resurrection. For Orthodox Christians, this is a time to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to rejoice in the victory of the Resurrection and to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in accordance with God's will. We lift up in prayer the members of the … [Read more...]

A Blessed Easter to Our Eastern Orthodox Sisters and Brothers

Source: Friends of Sabeel North America Our warmest wishes and hopes for renewal go out to our Eastern Orthodox Christian friends who celebrate Easter on Sunday, May 1. The Eastern churches constitute the largest Christian community in Palestine, so on this day we hope and pray that God will renew your spirits with the liberating power of the “resurrected one.” May this week of focusing on Jesus and the meaning of his life and witness revive you for the long journey toward justice, even amid … [Read more...]


Source: Public Orthodoxy by John Fotopoulos There is a common misperception among Orthodox Christians that the reason why Orthodox Easter (i.e. Pascha) often occurs so much later than Western Christian Easter is because the Orthodox Church abides by the rules for calculating the date of Pascha issued by the 1stEcumenical Council at Nicaea in 325 AD and thus the Orthodox must wait for Passover to be celebrated by the Jewish community before Pascha can occur. Despite this view being held by … [Read more...]


Source: Pravoslavie.ru Oleg Glagolev, Igumen Arseny (Sokolov) Igumen Arseny (Sokolov), representative of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia at the Patriarch of Antioch and All East, Rector of the Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Beirut, answers questions from the Yekaterinburg-based S-T-O-L (Stol.com) media-project. —Fr. Arseny, now you serve in the hottest spot on the Earth. Please, tell us of the present situation of the Orthodox Church in Lebanon and … [Read more...]

Synod Defrocks Gounaris & Ehrs, Suspends Dokos

Source: The National Herald BY THEODORE KALMOUKOS NEW YORK – The Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America during its spring meeting decided to punish Rev. James Dokos of Chicago with a one-year suspension for stealing money from a trust fund established by a parishioner in Milwaukee, WI. Dokos pleaded guilty to felony theft on February 22, admitting to stealing more than $100,000. He repaid the money, and if he stays out of trouble for a year and performs 40 … [Read more...]


Source: Orthodox Observer by Deacon Stephen Muse The Muse side of my family can trace our roots back to the 1500’s in Soul-drop Parish in Lancashire, England. The Trevathan side, my mother’s, are from Cornwall, England. I find the older I get, the more interesting I find such things, not because I am particularly proud of my name or heritage, but because his­tory becomes more palpable – a part of the present, like approaching a holy relic. Elder Sophrony says that all of time and space fit … [Read more...]

What We Expect! Looking Forward to the Holy and Great Council

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Lent is coming to an end.  We are preparing for Holy Week and Pascha.  The liturgical cycle will turn toward Pentecost.    This Pentecost, June 19, will be different from other celebrations.  We are praying and looking forward to the opening sessions of the Holy and Great Council.  This meeting has been 1200 years in waiting, and its agenda has taken 80 years to prepare. This council is a turning point in world Orthodox Christianity and indeed the entire … [Read more...]

Priest Calls Patriarch “Betrayer” of the Faith!

Source: We are Orthodox One of the Priests in the Metropolis of Atlanta has published open criticisms of the Ecumenical Patriarch.  His website is filled with questionable fundamentalist-type topics.   No one appears to be too concerned – even if the Patriarch is called a “betrayer” of the faith by one of the Greek Orthodox Priests in the Metropolis of Atlanta.  Did Metropolitan Alexios respond?  We have not been made aware of it.  Click here to read "So Much for Obedience." … [Read more...]

Pope, Patriarch to Highlight Refugees’ Plight in Visit

Source: New York Times By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ATHENS, Greece — Just as Europe starts sending would-be migrants back to Turkey, the leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches are heading to a Greek island to voice solidarity with those who have streamed in fleeing war, poverty and persecution. Saturday's high-powered visit to Lesbos by Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians, and Athens Archbishop Ieronymos, the head of … [Read more...]

Romanian Church Patriarch gets honorary degree from top university amid heated debate about church’s role

Source: Romania Insider The Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch, his Beatitude Daniel, received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Bucharest Polytechnic University, in a private ceremony that took place at the Patriarchy’s Museum, on Thursday, April 14. This award comes as the Orthodox Church is losing support among the higher-educated young urban people, who have been criticizing the church’s leaders for their efforts to build grand worship places, such as the People’s Salvation … [Read more...]