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Comments by Signers of “A Declaration for Orthodox Christian Unity in America”

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It’s time. – Manuel A. Otero III

The faithful pray during each liturgy for a unification of the faith, and then our hierarchs spend the rest of the week making certain that will never happen. The ultimate irony. – Robert A. King

The right time has come for the blessed hope to be fulfilled. – Rev. Dr. Theodore Stylianopoulos

Strongly support this declaration. – Elias Nick Gemelos

This is so needed to promote the Orthodox Church. – John J Mindala

May your work be blessed. – Costas Sperantsas

I am so glad to see this! – Steven Gross

Long overdue. – Rich Cahayla-Wynne

It is essential that we focus on fulfilling the Vision and Mission of the Church — to help usher in God’s Kingdom. Use the Greek to help explain His Word — not to maintain ethnic traditions. I’ll always remember the wonderful experience of my first all-English Liturgy. – John Katrakis

This is long overdue. – Dr Marian Simion

We need to form intentional communities to care for the poor, the lame, the maimed, and the blind. I have a plan and training courses for this. – Dr. Robert D. Hosken

Unity is far overdue! It is time for us all to put aside our differences and unite into one American Orthodox Church! – Joshua Greening

May it be blessed! – Kh. Leslee Abud

Evangelism must overcome Ethnicity. – Nicholaos Mitsinicos

Unity the sooner the better. – Frank B Cerra MD

I pray to God that unity is achieved in my lifetime. – Arthur N. Mabbett

By the power of God, this normalization will happen. – Bill Kartsonis

This would also make the Eastern Orthodox Church more significant in the U.S. – George P. Nassos

I pray for a unified Orthodox Church in America. – John Pecoraro

Well done! – Patricia Damisch

An entirely reasonable way forward…long overdue. — Peter Viscarola

Needed to address the increasing apathy toward religion in the United States. — James Andrew Connelly

There is always strength in numbers! — Joanne Matsakis

That we may be one. — Noel Busch

May it be blessed! — Rev. Fr. Anthony W Salzman

Insh’ allah.– Douglas Smith

My family and I are part of the St. Anthony Antiochian parish in Tulsa, OK. I would love to see all Orthodox jurisdictions here in the US be united into a single, unified American Orthodox Church — Colt Nipps (Ignatius)

Long overdue. — Loretta Krenitsky

This is timely. Thank God, thank God. And thank you. — Patrick Tutella

74 years of praying for this to happen. — Barbara J Karleen

This would also make the Eastern Orthodox Church more significant in the U.S. — George P. Nassos

Praise God! Will pray for this! — Anne Lunsford

Our fragmentation continues to be a source of confusion for those outside the Church, and difficulty to those within. When will our hierarchs be willing to make this happen? How long will our Church be divided in various jurisdictions? — Joshua Wherley

Amen! – Ionut

Like all loving children there comes a time when we must stand on our own lest we never grow up and stay incapable of fulfilling the role God has given us. — George Tsiones

God willing that I may see this happen in my lifetime. — John F Bober, MD

It is time, for the sake of the US church and Orthodoxy for this to happen. — John J. Pappas

It is past time for a North American Orthodox Church. — Brandt A Smith

Yes, absolutely. The time has come for Orthodox Christians in America to have a unified front from which we can evangelize, consolidating our resources: spiritual, human, and material, to best serve our communities and spread the true Apostolic Faith! — Augustinos Long

Amen and amen. — Deacon Nicholas Dujmovic

Amen! — Fr. Simeon B Corona

“How long, O Lord (Ps. 13:1). The Devil works the hardest where he has the most to gain.” — Abigail Ergun

One bishop per city. Wouldn’t hurt to be multilingual. Saint Bishop Raphael of Brooklyn should be the template. — Stephen Keeler

“How long, O Lord (Ps. 13:1). The Devil works the hardest where he has the most to gain.” – V. Rev. Fr. Dimitrie Vincent

Amen. — Mitry Anderson

Our cultural backgrounds are part of who we are, but this also creates an exclusive environment in America. We are stronger together, and I believe we all want all of Orthodox Christianity to THRIVE. In my view, the way to do this is to unify. — Barbara Crits-Kelly

Glory to God in the highest. And on Earth, good will toward humankind. — Jim Giatas

United for the glory of God. If not now, when? — Daria Chasse

It’s time for this to happen. — Peter G Potamianos, Ph.D.

This is the time to reach Church Unity in the U.S. — Florian Ion

I hold this vision clearly in my heart as we pray “for the union of all”! — V. Rev. Fr. David Wey

May God bless the work on orthodox unity n the USA! — Very Rev Fr Ioan Lupescu

Beautiful decision. — Kim Pearson

That they may be one. — Robert and Page-Ann Coleman

You are the God who creates miracles! — Dr. Vasiliki Tsigas-Fotinis

Let our eye be single! — Ronald Andrei Muresan

I agree with the Declaration completely and I support its goals… — Monk James Silver

Thank you. — John Patterson

Glory to Jesus Christ! — Subdeacon Alex Ionescu

Excellent idea. — Catherine McDavid Smith

A house divided against itself cannot long survive. — Marcia Nimmer

May it be blessed! — Anastasia Josefsson

δόξα τω θεώ. — Demetris Manolopoulos

Saint Cassiani, pray for us. — Andrew T. Eells

It’s what the great Saints would want. — Sister Chrissie Apollonia Nicolles

This is long overdue! — Paul Meyendorff

It’s time for Unity! — P J Zarras

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