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Continue to Pray for the Unity of the Orthodox Church as the Patriarchs and Hierarchs Prepare for the Great and Holy Council in June 2016


censerSource: Orthodox Christian Laity

(OCL Pamphlet on Unity and Self Governance, 2000)

O All Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we your faithful children beseech you to forgive us the sin of divisiveness, which is rooted in our hearts, our dioceses and land. Implant in our lives the holy vine of unity which only you can bestow on those who have come together in your name. Enlighten us with your grace, so that we may come to the knowledge of your truth and move our hearts to respond with trust and total obedience to your divine will. Through the intercessions of the God-inspired Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea, who in harmony decreed that there should be one hierarch in each city serving your faithful as a loving father over his children, one shepherd over a united flock; we also praise your all-holy name. O Father who is without beginning, O Son who is eternal and O Holy Spirit, the life-creator, illuminate the way and guide us all to once again unite your Holy Church. Amen.

A Prayer to Jesus Christ on the Occasion of the Meeting of SCOBA Bishops
(November 30 – December 2, 1994)

Lord, Jesus Christ our God, we thank you for the holy Church in North America, which you have gathered from the native peoples here and from our forebearers in all the nations. As our fathers in God gather in holy council, we ask you, as the Lord of Hosts and Prince of Peace, who made your angels spirits and your ministers a flaming fire, and who spoke to Elijah in a still small voice, to purify and sanctify our souls and bodies, so that we, their spiritual children, may walk with them in the way of your commandment. Guide them in due season into one, holy and apostolic Synod, so that with one heart we may give thanks, and with one mind we may confess , and with one voice we may proclaim, your sublime and majestic name; together with your Father without beginning, and your all-holy, good and life-creating Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

Prayer for the Work of the Assembly of Bishops Meeting – 2010 NYC
(OCL provided $20,000 gift to help defray costs of first meeting)

Lord, hear our prayers that our Holy Fathers grow in wisdom and strength, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and increase in love and Christian fellowship for each other and with their flock, so that they can make the conciliar decisions needed to create a canonically-ordered Orthodox Christian Church of the Americas.  That their work to develop a plan for manifesting unity be guided by the Decision and the Rules of Operation for the Episcopal Assembly that were established by the Conference convened by the Ecumenical Patriarchate with the consensus of all Their Beatitudes, the Primates of the Most Holy Orthodox Churches in the world. That all the Hierarchs, Clergy and Laity familiarize themselves and be informed by the Decisions and the Rules of Operation in order that they might appropriately participate and support their bishops in their mandated work. That You bless the work of all Your people working together in Your name for the building up of Your Holy Orthodox Church of the Americas. Amen.


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