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diaryenSource: Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America

Reflections from the Holy and Great Council at the Orthodox Academy in Crete, June 17-26, 2016. by Bishop Maxim. 128 pages, soft bound, published in 2016 • price $15.

Diary of the Council emerged from the need of its author to appropriate the problematic of the Holy and Great Council which the Orthodox Church held 2016 in the historic land of Crete. The author of these notes, disinterested in the luxury of introspection, wants that the readers understand them as well-intended and sincere, because they were written so to say synchronously with the events.

Review of “Diary of the Council”:
“A Chronicle and Answer for Orthodox Christians Inquiring about the 2016 Great and Holy Council from One Who Was There”, Rev. Daniel Mackay, PhD.

Do you want to feel what it was like to be sitting in the Holy and Great Council which took place June 2016 in Crete?  Do you want to  get a sense of how and what the  bishops discussed?  How did they carry out their business and interact with each other?  Do you want to get a better understanding of what a monumental event the Holy and Great Council is  for Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century?   Do you want to understand what is a Council, and now what must we, the  faithful clergy and laity,  do to be part of this conciliar process that keeps the Church moving forward to meet the needs of the faithful?  The first step is to be informed.  Diary of the Council, a primary source, written by a pious, sensitive, honest, intelligent hierarch, Bishop Maxim of Western America, is a good first step.  You can order your copy by clicking here.  Do not hesitate.

George Matsoukas, Executive Director of OCL


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