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The Ecumenical Patriarchate Must Respect the Decision of Archbishop Demetrios and the Eparchial Synod


George D. Karcazes

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity

The Orthodox Christian Laity calls upon the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople [EP] to ratify the selection of His Grace Bishop. Sevastianos  of Zela as the Metropolitan of Chicago.

The process by which the Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America [GOA] under Archbishop Demetrios selected him to lead the recently widowed see of Chicago was agreed upon by all parties before the repose of Metropolitan Iakovos, of blessed memory. The Eparchial Synod followed all the procedures approved by the EP including receiving input from the clergy and laity of the Church in America.

It is essential for the unity of the GOA and the future welfare of the Metropolis of Chicago that the Eparchial Synod remains united, and that its decision be respected by the EP.  The Orthodox Christian Laity and the faithful People of God in America love and respect their historic ties to the EP.  That respect and support is based on the mutuality of love that a Daughter has for her Mother and the Mother has for her Daughter.

The approval of the Eparchial Synod’s choice to lead the Metropolis of Chicago is an opportunity for the EP to show its respect and love for its Eparchy in America.  We pray that the Holy Spirit guides the EP to honor the decision of the GOA.

George D. Karcazes, President
Orthodox Christian Laity



  1. Bruce Wm. Trakas on

    Very well stated, President George Karcazes.

    Any word out of the Special Session of the Eparchial Synod meeting of July, 20th?

    • Thomas Jeffersonopolous on

      Look, the laity are no longer stupid sheep! The Canons of the Orthodox Church are on line – READ THEM. Foreign bishops have NO authority outside their own territory. The Bishop (Patriarch) of Istanbul ONLY has authority in his surrounding area. Same with the Pat. of Moscow; Pat. of Serbia; etc.

      America is NOT under any foreign bishops UNLESS you allow them to be. All of America is to be ruled by its OWN bishops in a SYNOD OF BISHOPS “AUTOCEPHALOUS” from ANY foreign bishops. WAKE UP, AMERICAN CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA!!!!!!

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