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Faithtree Resources: The Encounter App for Orthodox Christians


Source: Faithtree Resources

Dedicated to creating resources that help Orthodox Christian churches, leaders and people thrive

Faithtree Resources is a non-profit ministry committed to teaching the fullness of the historic Church. Our team is made up of a Pan-Orthodox group of hierarchs, clergy, and faithful who are passionate about supporting pastors and lay leaders in their ministries, as well as in offering materials that engage and inspire the people in our pews. Our goal is for Christian communities across the world to be vibrant, energized, and motivated by the freedom found only in a life in Christ. These are the kind of communities that change the world.

Our materials inspire dialogue and relationship building in the context of small groups. We produce live events, develop curated mastermind groups, and build specialty content created to support our leaders in their mission to engage their faithful. Through this work, our people grow in their Faith, grow closer to each other, and grow closer to God. All of our resources are intentionally designed to promote healthy, daily application.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Life is best when lived in community, around the local altar table.

  • Parishes are at their best when they are focused on the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

  • Everything in healthy church life points back to relationship: our relationship with God, parishioners, clergy, lay leaders and peers.

  • Healthy parishes have vibrant worship that is engaging and provides many opportunities for parishioners to gather and be involved.

  • Healthy parishes have committed members who are hungry to grow in their faith.

  • Parishes that are healthy commit themselves to internal servant-hood, as well as serving the community around them.

  • The Holy Gospel should be actively read and studied. By everyone. Everyday.

  • As Christians we cannot borrow the faith of our parents. It is up to each of us to pursue our own spiritual maturity and walk the path with Christ.

  • We will accomplish infinitely more together than we ever will apart. This is why Faithtree is committed to including Pan-Orthodox participants for all of our projects.

  • In maintaining what we call “an abundance mentality.” The Church deserves the best from all of us. And God is glorified when we all use our gifts and talents to further His kingdom on this earth.

Faithtree Resources has just released The Encounter app for iPhone and Android. The app is a wonderful resource especially now, during Great Lent, to help Orthodox Christians encounter God by intensifying our prayers.


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