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Former Pro Baseball Player Now Trains for Priesthood


Source: St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

William Vazquez (class of 2023) with his family

At His birth, a star appeared in the sky: a bright light, shining forth in the darkness to guide the wise men to their Messiah.

When the Light of Christ catches your eye, you are compelled to follow it wherever it guides you.

That’s what took a former professional athlete to St Vladimir’s Seminary, where your generosity makes it possible to train him and other seminarians to minister to you, your family, and the world.

With your support, St Vladimir’s Seminary is preparing men and women for such a time as this. Here on campus, William Vazquez (class of 2023)—former pro baseball player and coach—his wife Hannah, and their five children, continue their preparation for ministry.

Being here at St Vladimir’s, I have learned that I don’t know as much as I thought I knew, or as much as I act like I know sometimes, or think I know. And that’s very humbling. Learning more about the faith and the boundless knowledge about God, as well as living and learning in community with other men and women who love God and are taking this same journey, has been wonderful. The most valuable thing that I hope to carry out into ministry is the experience of being immersed in a community and in the liturgical life of the Church. I hope to share this with people in the community that I end up serving, to help them understand and acquire more of the mind of the Church.

The world needs leaders like William Vazquez, who are missionary-minded, courageous, compassionate, and committed to being active apologists of the Faith.

Will you help train more priests and lay leaders to be beacons of Christ’s Light in a dark and suffering world?


You may give one time, or set up your recurring donation online at www.svots.edu/compelled#donate, or call 914-961-8313 x360.

May God be with you during this time. And may His unwavering Truth compel you to cling to Him and proclaim with joy the Hope of our Incarnate Lord, Jesus Christ.

Fr Chad Hatfield

Compelled to Pray, Pursue, and Proclaim,

The Very Rev. Dr Chad Hatfield
President & Professor of Pastoral Theology,
St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary


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