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Planning for Holy Week


Source: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

In just a few days, Holy Week begins. It is a wonderful, special week for Orthodox Christians. It is also filled with long services that can be challenging to anyone, but especially to young children. Here we offer a few suggestions that may help to make Holy Week more meaningful for our children and godchildren.

Preparation begins with adults understanding the services (Holy Week: An Introduction) so that we can talk about them in words children will understand. With them, you can do some of the arts and crafts listed below. Please do not let these many suggestions discourage you, especially if you do not have the energy to add “one more thing!” You know your family, and what each member needs the most. So, live and do accordingly!

Above all, let us prepare to love our Lord and each other throughout Holy Week. When Holy Week arrives, may we live it together, in awe of our Lord Jesus Christ’s compassion and mercy, and in gratitude for His great blessings to us.

Resources that can help you learn more about Holy Week:


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