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Greek Orthodox Christian Clergy and Laity (GOCCL) seeks support for the resolution of problems in Metropolis of Chicago


GOCCL_PetitionSource: Greek Orthodox Christian Clergy and Laity

We, Greek Orthodox Christians of the Metropolis of Chicago, will no longer accept what we believe is the continual financial and spiritual abuse of both clergy and laity, by the current Hierarchs of the Metropolis of Chicago.

With this goal, a group of dedicated and committed individuals began a campaign to inform the church / laity of serious aberrations in our Greek Orthodox community, and to correct some of the financial and spiritual abuses rampant in the Chicago Metropolis, that is spreading to other jurisdictions. The success of this website to inform the public of the abuses cannot be underestimated — but, as to the correction of abuses, work remains to be done.

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  1. Ashley Nevins on

    The GO in this diocese have known of the corruption of this metropolitan for well longer than the recent events that have taken place in this diocese by this metropolitan. I liked the anonymous signing part of their petition. I am sure it was the wake up call heard and that will be responded too by the EP as a result of the problem being pointed out to him. Everyone in Orthodoxy sees and hears so well. Especially after the damage has been done.

    I warned the Chicago Greeks years in advance that elder ephraim was going to come for their parishes. Nothing was done. Not until he did come were they willing to address the problem of the elder. Now its far too little far too late for the parishes and just like it is in the removing of this metropolitan. The irreversible damage is done and it is going to continue whether this metropolitan stays or goes.

    (This all very interesting. I also predicted on an Orthodox forum the week Jonah was enthroned he would last about 2 years. How long did he last?)

    The hierarchy is responsible for what the elder has done to the GOA like they are responsible for what they themselves have done to it. The Greeks never dealt with this corrupt metropolitan when they knew he was and then the elder came in.

    Now this diocese has two serious problems as a result of the laity doing nothing really to stop the hierarchy corruption and cultism. It does not matter if this metropolitan is removed. The EP of Astoria, NY fame will just replace him with the same or worse. Corruption embraces, supports and enables those of its like kind and so that will be the replacement of this metropolitan if that happens. A corrupt senior leader EP will surround himself with the same corrupt character he is. That is what organized crime does, get it?

    I find it spiritually Christian mature interesting that the Greeks want this metropolitan removed believing his replacement will be better. I find it interesting that they are not even discussing what will be the character of the man who replaces him or the character of those who will decide who replaces him if it even happens at all.

    The spiritually immature blind cannot even lead the other spiritually immature blind it is so spiritually blind in the GOA.

    Not to worry GOA. +Gerasimos is the metropolitan who is not corrupt or spiritually blind has a strategy that is going to save the GOA from a corrupt EP, other corrupt metropolitan’s, a powerless religious codependent Archdiocene Council and a guru cult leader elder. His save the GOA strategy document says it is Christ centered and so that must mean it is not corruption centered from the EP down, that must mean that the elder is not a cult leader headquartered in his diocese as a cult threat to the entire church, that must mean Gerasimos is not surrounded by spineless priests who are afraid of the hierarchy and it must mean that the laity is not religious codependent enabling, supporting and embracing of the very corruption that is destroying their church.

    I am told that Holy Cross is becoming more and more ephraim ultra Orthodox fundamentalist. Your future church safety, health and functionality is assured by the priests, bishops and metropolitan’s that Holy Cross produces for you.

    Between the elder being sent on a mission from Mary in heaven to get the GOA back on the right Mt. Athos track and Gerasimos save the GOA strategy that will save his diocese and then all the other dioceses that is going assure that the GOA future is secure. The first among equals GOA that has no equal is going to Jesus Christ centered turn the GOA around and prove to America once and for all that Orthodoxy is Gods only true church made up of Gods only true Christians.

    So sleep well GO in the coming months and years ahead and dream of the day that Orthodoxy takes over America and turns it into a church/state like Greece. Wrap yourselves in the Greek nation flag like I have seen pictures of Gerasimos to impress you all in how Greek centered over Christ centered he is in America. Your church is the only Gods only true church hope for America and just like it is that to Russia and Greece.

    The Gerasimos save the GOA strategy will be as dead as the GOA is in about 5 years. The dead cannot raise the dead. Only the living resurrected from the dead Jesus Christ can. So, we are soon going to find out just how Christ centered resurrecting of the GOA from the demographically imploding dead the Gerasimos strategy really is. Yes, Orthodox, if you can’t save your church in America by your exclusive Gods only true salvation how can you expect to be the salvation of Jesus Christ to anyone outside of you? Instead of an evangelism explosion taking place a demographic implosion has taken place.

    Jesus is about explosion of evangelism and Satan is about the implosion of your church. It is easy to tell who the true God in authority of your church is. Here is a resource so that you can find out and see it for yourself what that authority really is who rules over implosion that leads to church death, John 8:42-44. The living Christ is about the living church. The dead Satan is about church death. The consequence of the living Christ in authority over you church is church life and the consequence of dead Satan in authority over your church is church death.

    Now do the EO typical knee jerk of we are Gods exclusively right Christians who only listen to our exclusively true selves and do not hear this. Do not hear like they did not hear in John 8:31-59. The Christ alive living hear the living Christ and spiritually dead only hear themselves and dead Satan.

    All church growth and relevancy development strategy and principles are in the Gospels and NT and so is what can kill a church dead. If you follow the church destruction strategy and principles of Satan what happens? Look at your church for the answer to that question. Yes, you will have to take off your spiritual blinders to see it by freedom to see in the freedom in Christ that Christ speaks to you about in John 8:31-59. They could not see or hear what Jesus was telling them. You can see them trying to use their tradition apologetic defense and how well it worked with Jesus who cut it to sherds. They too were exclusive orthodox in their corruption that denied Christ their only solution to their state of spiritual death. They were their own salvation and just like being an EO is to all of you.

    GOA your church is dead and the dead cannot raise the dead from the dead.

    I see here on the OCL site that there is a symposium of spiritual growth and renewal you can apply to your life. It will not save the EOC in America from a foundational implosion church death. Only a Christ alone centered corporate repentance and systemic bondage breaking process can. Yes, ask your metropolitan’s to lead your church through such a process and see what answer you get. The unrepentant and in bondage cannot lead anyone through such a process and so your church is going to remain corrupt and dying in America powerless to stop what is destroying it from its corrupted foundation up and from the corrupt hierarchy down and all of you get crushed at their intersection with you in the middle as they slam come crashing together flattening your church dead. The flattened spiritually crushed to death church is this.

    The exclusive Orthodox do not listen. They only listen to their exclusive selves and that is why their church dead.

    They then picked stones to kill Jesus, says Scripture.

    Kill Jesus in your church and your church will experience church death. The degree you kill Jesus in your church will be the degree your church experiences church death and all of you are right now are in the midst of experiencing the death of Jesus in your church leading to its church death in America.

    So, the question now becomes, who among you is killing Jesus in your church causing it to experience church death?

    Christ centered corporate repentance of sin and systemic bondage breaking says all of you are responsible. That is what Jesus told them in John 8:31-59 but they listened only to their exclusive orthodox selves instead.

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