Greek Orthodox Clergy Laity Congress Viewed from Greece – The Spun Spin: The Reek of Tweak

C A Constantopoulos, PhD

Constantine Angelo Constantopoulos, PhD

By C. A. Constantopoulos, Ph.D.

“Would an event ‒ let’s say a baseball game ‒ played in a 50,000-seat stadium, attended by 30,000 ticket holders, be a ‘successful’ one?”

“That would depend on how the game ends.”

“What if, in the bottom of the second inning, the electronic billboard is flashing, ‘Success’?”

“The franchise-owned concessionaire is trying to get people to drink more beer.”

“What’s wrong with drinking more beer?”

“It has nothing to do with what’s flashing when the game is over.”

How true it is:

With their Archbishop having humorously professed his predilection for numbers and statistics, Orthodox ‘observing’ spin doctors and tweak geeks safely can break new ground now in those too often neglected spiritual disciplines of equivocation and prevarication:

 1  2
BEFOREOrthodox Observer (July 8, 2014), p. 3 AFTEROrthodox Observer (July-August 2014), CLC 5

Something that, less than a month later, is “indicated” to have been “well-attended” is not the same as what, less than a month earlier, had been “shown” to be “successful”.

Anyone up for a beer?


C. A. Constantopoulos, Ph.D., a Protopresbyter of the Orthodox Church, is President & COO of Intercontinental Open University, and Director of its Institute for Open Understanding.



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