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  1. Petra Leitkowski on

    This is a beautiful, singular school, offering an education not just for our children’s minds, but for their souls as well. I urge faithful Orthodox of means to please DONATE TO THIS SCHOOL, because at this point in time, it is almost certain that THIS SCHOOL WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR (2018-2019). Our family has actually been waiting for six months for our Florida home to sell so we could move to Indiana and place our son at Hagia Sophia Classical Academy for high school for the next four years. We are devastated that this school is in danger of closing after these teachers and administrators have sacrificed SO much to create this incredible place of beauty for our Orthodox children, and to also draw others into the beauty of our Orthodox faith as converts through placing their children in this school. They have kept tuition low (under $4000 per year), but they are in need of benefactors. As a bystander of no means, I urge you to please ask God if it might be right for you to support this incredible, special school so our children can grow in faith as the grow in academics. There are very few options for Orthodox children to have an Orthodox school education, and fewer still where our children can finish high school. Our children do not belong in the worldview of the public schools if we want to safeguard their souls.

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