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Hieromonk Luke the Athonite gave the Patriarch the calligraphed parchment with the Tomos for Ukraine


Source: Bigorski Monastery

Hieromonk Luke of Xenophontos Monastery, Mount Athos

On January 4, 2019, His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew welcomed in his patriarchal residence the Reverend Hieromonk Luke of Xenophontos. Father Lucas, the most famous Athonite painter and calligrapher, gave His All Holiness the parchment with a calligraphy of the Tomos for the autocephalous Church in Ukraine, hand written by him, with the blessing of his Abbot, Archimandrite Alexios of the Xenophontos Monastery, Mount Athos.

Tomos of Autocephaly for the Church of Ukraine

The representatives of the Ukrainian Church, headed by the Metropolitan of Kiev, Epiphanius, have already arrived at Phanar, where the next day they will attend the ceremonious act of the Tomos ratification by the Ecumenical Patriarch. Following that, on Sunday, the two Heads will concelebrate at the Great Church, on the occasion of the feast day of Epiphany, according to the new calendar. During the Divine Liturgy, the Patriarch will hand the Tomos to the Metropolitan Epiphanius.



  1. Joseph Hostetler on

    God forgive him and his abbot for their part in creating schism in the Body of Christ – a sin which cannot be wiped out even in martyrdom.

    • Rejoice! It’s a truly extraordinary and historical event.

      The Ukrainian Church is open and welcomes all children of God, doors are opened to you too!

      Perhaps, the Russian Kingdom is a more appropriate subject of your “prayer”. The schism is an official policy of the Russian Federation, while their church has long been converted into a Department, firmly integrated into a “vertical” with a certain person on the perch.

      It’s timely to pray for people of the Russian Federation to have strength and direct their hopes towards God and Christ, away from the false savior that has been clawing their freedoms for so much time.

      Rejoice and you won’t be alone!

      • Adam L Farrell on

        Yes please take the moral high ground while you beat our canonical priests and bomb our Churches. Tell me is it not the Ukrainians holding Ikons of Christ shouting “kill all Russians”. You cannot simply split away and create your own Patriarch and expect to be considered legitimate. Your people’s selfishness has created this rift and the entire Orthodox world will suffer for it.

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