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His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon Leads Delegation of the Orthodox Church in America in Romania


Source: Orthodox Church in America

Visit to Putna Monastery


On Tuesday, June 4, His Beatitude arrived at Putna Monastery, where he was warmly welcomed by Archimandrite Melchisedec (Velnic), the abbot of Putna Monastery, the clergy and the brotherhood of the monastery. The abbot led Metropolitan Tikhon to the monastery church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, where His Beatitude venerated the tomb of St Stephen the Great, the monastery’s founder.  In his welcoming remarks, Fr Melchisedec provided a brief presentation on the rich history of the monastery, its saints, and the monastics who have resided there for over 500 years.

Archimandrite Melchisedec emphasized the monastery’s pivotal role in preserving the national identity of Romanians worldwide, speaking about the historical challenges faced by the monastery and its continued importance in Romanian cultural and spiritual life.

On Wednesday, June 5, His Beatitude presided at the celebration of the hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the cathedral of Putna Monastery, in concelebration with Abbot Melchisedec, monastery clergy, and the members of the OCA delegation.  In his words after the service, His Beatitude expressed his gratitude to His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church for his invitation and the opportunity to serve at such a sacred place.

“I want to express my gratitude to His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church for the blessing and invitation to serve the Divine Liturgy here, at this sacred Monastery of Putna,” said Metropolitan Tikhon. “It is truly a blessing that I will bring back with me to my faithful of America, to share with them the love and hospitality of the Romanian Orthodox Church and especially of this holy monastery.”

Metropolitan Tikhon then spoke to the faithful about the spiritual lessons taught by monastic life, particularly the virtue of humility. He shared a story from St Dorotheus of Gaza, illustrating how humility allows one to progress spiritually despite the challenges faced.

“Abba Dorotheus of Gaza gives us a story of a man who’s swimming in the ocean and the waves of the sea are pushing against him. Abba Dorotheus says a bad swimmer tries to swim over the waves. And, when he does that, the waves are simply pushing (him) backwards. This is not the correct way, he says. A humble man is one who sinks under the waves and so, by going under the waves, he makes forward progress. This, I believe, is our life in a monastery.”

As a token of gratitude, His Beatitude presented an epigonation to Archimandrite Melchisedec. The abbot also expressed his thanks, hoping that humility would become the foundation of their lives, as His Beatitude had spoken about to the faithful.

Following the liturgy, Metropolitan Tikhon visited the Putna Monastery Museum.

Visit at the Patriarchal Palace

On Friday, June 7, His Beatitude and the OCA delegation received an audience with His Grace Bishop Varlaam of Ploiești, Patriarchal Vicar Bishop, at the Palace of the Patriarchate. During the meeting, Bishop Varlaam gave a presentation on Orthodox church life in Romania, giving special attention to the upcoming celebrations in 2025 marking the centennial of the elevation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the rank of a patriarchate.

His Beatitude commented to His Eminence on the energy of the Romanian Orthodox Church in its pastoral and missionary activities and highlighted the importance of the Press Center of the Basilica of the Romanian Patriarchate, which is known to Orthodox faithful in North America. Metropolitan Tikhon and Bishop Varlaam also spoke at length about the great monastic witness that the Romanian Orthodox Church has provided in Romania, throughout the world, and especially in the OCA. Metropolitan Tikhon also noted the significance of the Romanian theological tradition that includes great monastics and professors of theology.

His Beatitude also noted the significance of the People’s Salvation Cathedral, the new cathedral for the Romanian Orthodox Church, describing it as a jewel of the Romanian Patriarchate and of the wider Orthodox Church. After the meeting, Dr. Viorel Coman, Patriarchal Counsellor, Department for Inter-Church and Inter-Religious Relations, Romanian Patriarchate, accompanied Metropolitan Tikhon and his delegation to the site of the new cathedral.

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