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I WAS HUNGRY…Keynote Address by Bill Marianes : “Why Love Light”, YAL Conference 2021 (VIDEO)


Source: YAL Conference Metropolis of San Francisco

Keynote Bill Marianes, “Why Love Light”, Sept. 3, 2021,
Metropolis of San Francisco, YAL Conference 2021, Phoenix, AZ


For a while, the picture below was me. A dirty, raggedy, hairy, dehydrated, and hungry pile of mess on the dirt in the blistering Phoenix sun begging for scraps while being eaten by ants.

As I was begging, sweating, and shaking on the ground, I watched 618 blessed and amazing young adults, 50 even more blessed adults, and about 15 clergy walk past me. Twice.

Once on their way to, and then on their way from, a sumptuous breakfast buffet at which I was not invited to participate. Security was called to have me removed.

What happened next forever changed my life. And perhaps the lives of a few other witnesses.

You can now finally watch that story in the video just released below.

And if you do, please think long and hard about whose child you are, and in whose image and likeness you were made.

And then please think about what you would have done if you were there in that moment.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please think about what you will do from now on.


And the question you should consider is:
“Am I ready to Find My Why, Share The Love, and Be The Light?”


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