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In Memoriam: H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr


Dr Engelhardt (pictured on the right)

Source: St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

With hope in the resurrection, we share the news of the falling asleep of renowned bioethicist and SVS Press author H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr, also known as Reader Herman in the Orthodox Church.  Dr Engelhardt (pictured on the right) passed away Thursday morning due to complications after a long battle against two different cancers. He was 77.

He was professor in the Department of Philosophy at Rice University and professor emeritus in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Community Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He was a member of St. George Orthodox Church in Houston and was tonsured a reader by His Grace, the Right Rev. Bishop BASIL, in 1996.

Dr. Engelhardt is the author, contributor, or editor of numerous books and dozens of peer-reviewed articles, including The Foundations of Bioethics (Oxford), The Foundations of Christian Bioethics (Scrivener), the recent SVS Press release After God: Morality and Bioethics in a Secular Age, and Turning East: Contemporary Philosophers and the Ancient Christian Faith (SVS Press). He was also senior editor of the journal Christian Bioethics and The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!


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  1. Christina Partridge on

    That is a lovely photo of my father! It is from when Bishop THOMAS (the one in the center), came to visit our small parish in Homer, Alaska, back when Father Paul Jaroslaw (on left) was still up here.

    So, maybe 2006 or 2007.

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