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“Losing Our Christian Youth?”


Source: Stewardship Calling

The 7 Big Findings Regarding Youth and Emerging Adults and Religious Engagement, Education and Stewardship and What We Can Do

As we celebrate our Lord’s glorious resurrection, it is difficult to think about why our youth and emerging adults may be leaving, and/or becoming disengaged from, traditional Christian churches in America at a record pace. These negative trends of church disengagement in the U.S. are well researched and may be more than just passing fads. If they signal an important shift in the attitudes of youth/emerging adults, the key questions include: “What are the causes?” and “What are the solutions?” 

As it turns out, there are 7 key findings of what is happening to our youth/emerging adults and their religious education, church engagement, stewardship and beliefs from the most comprehensive empirical studies undertaken in the U.S. And there are some critical lessons we can learn and apply in our churches and families to address these challenges. 

You are invited to learn what is happening and actually hear solutions on Sunday, April 30th starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.  Ancient Faith Radio will host the Stewardship Calling 5th Sunday series hosted by Bill Marianes and Fr. Barnabas Powell, and featuring our special guest, Dr. Ann Bezzerides. 

Please tune in on April 30th by checking out the podcast section in www.stewardshipcalling.com by clicking here: http://stewardshipcalling.com/internet-radio/ and scrolling down to the discussion for this April 30, 2017 program. Or you can log in directly from the Ancient Faith Radio website by clicking here: http://www.ancientfaith.com/radio/live. 

We will explore some of the latest and best empirical research and start the discussion regarding solutions to the challenges of youth/emerging adults church engagement, religious education and stewardship. This is also a call-in program (with a lively internet chat room) if you would like to participate in the discussion. 

Our special guest, Dr. Ann Bezzerides, is the Director of the Office of Vocation & Ministry at Hellenic College – Holy Cross. She holds a doctorate from Boston College in Theology and Education and an MDiv from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary where she served as a lecturer in Religious Education. Ann will join Father Barnabas and me in bringing empirical and practical perspectives in assessing the existing challenges and focusing on workable solutions that parishes and parents can implement. 

If you are concerned about the religious education, engagement in church or stewardship of our youth and emerging adults, this is the program for you! If you know of someone who should hear this information, or wants to participate in this discussion, please forward this message to them and encourage them to listen on April 30th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Thanks and God bless. 

Bill Marianes


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