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Meet Argo Georgandis Pyle, Orthodox Christian Laity’s President


Source: Orthodox Christian Laity

Argo Georgandis Pyle with husband, Howard.

I am excited and looking forward to serving as Orthodox Christian Laity’s fourteenth president. I have been a member of the board of Directors of Orthodox Christian Laity for 15 years. My home town is Houston, Texas, and I attend the same church that I was baptized in, the Annunciation Cathedral. I have been blessed to have had some outstanding priests and teachers to guide me through the faith.  Although I can speak Greek, I am committed to seeing the Church as a mission reaching out to all people in a Christ-centered way, revealing our faith with love and truth and being accountable and transparent. Our faith is universal and multicultural.  All are welcomed.  Serving on the board of OCL has confirmed my commitment and vision to Pan-Orthodoxy as the way to fixing the uncanonical state of the administrative life of the Church in the United States.

Nothing can compare to the wealth of knowledge and resources I have received from OCL, nor the great friendships and relationships that I have shared with the dedicated people in this organization.  I have always felt so blessed to have been in the presence of Archbishop Nathaniel, Father Peter Gillquist+, Father Gordon Walker+, Evan Chriss+, George+ and Mary Aravosis, Peter Haikalis+, Susan Haikalis, Jim Demetrion, Andy and Katherine Kartalis, Peter Petkas, Diane Thodos, George and Harriet Pontikes and the many others who have formed the foundation of OCL. A special thank you to George Matsoukas and George Karcazes for the forbearance they have for making things work.

My goals will be: continuing the tradition of seeking accountability and transparency in our Orthodox leadership; assisting in fulfilling the quest for unity in America’s Orthodoxy; and fundraising for OCL.

For our organization to continue, we must all participate in the goal of raising funds, as trying as it may be.  I will be commenting on this in the coming year to keep a sound treasury and to continue to offer support to causes that advance the mission and goals of our organization.

With God’s grace and guidance,

Argo Georgandis Pyle


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