Musings of The Executive Director – Pastoral Letter of His Eminence, Metropolitan Isaiah


George Matsoukas, Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Laity

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity

I would like to share this pastoral letter sent to Orthodox Christian Laity by His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver as OCL  gathers in Cleveland October 17-20 for its 31 Annual Meeting. His letter provides the opportunity to thank all the dedicated supporters past and present who served and continue to serve on the board and advisory board of OCL. Board members serve at their own expense and contribute $1,000 yearly to support the organization. Without their prayers, time, talent and resources, we could not continue our ministry.

We are especially grateful to the hierarchs and clergy who have been and who presently serve as  advisory board members. Father Steven Vlahos has been a member of the advisory board for 31 years. We are blessed to continuously receive his insight and advice.  We are grateful to Father Michael Massouh and Father Dr. Timothy Cremeens.

We remember Father Eusebius Stephanou of blessed memory who also was an original advisory board member and hosted OCL at the Renewal Center in Destin, Florida.  He is the father of the spiritual renewal movement within Orthodoxy worldwide.  May his memory be eternal. We also remember advisory board members of blessed memory, Father Thomas Hopko,   Father Peter Gillquist and Father Gordon Walker. Each one of them guided our proceedings with love and broadened our understanding of the Orthodox Christian faith.  Memory Eternal.

We thank his Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah who was assigned to be our spiritual advisor when OCL was started and has observed and guided our movement for thirty years.  He is presently a member of the advisory board. We appreciate his wisdom and prayers. We also are grateful and appreciate the guidance and prayers of Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey and His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West.

We are most grateful to His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate.  He has been a member of the advisory board for 20 years, and in all this time, has missed only 3 meetings.  He keeps reminding us that Christ is love and light, and that we must work prayerfully and lovingly. His wisdom and direction inspires the organization.

Our prayer is that God grant all of our supporters many years!

George Matsoukas, Executive Director

Click here or on the letter below to view the PDF version.


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