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New Report: Post-Pandemic Orthodox Parish Life in America


Source: Orthodox Reality

The “New Traditional” in a Most Traditional Church: How the Pandemic Has Reshaped American Orthodox Christian Churches

The Holy Eucharist

How has the pandemic transformed the Orthodox Church, the original Christian Church that “never changes?” Based on the national survey of the Orthodox Christian parish clergy conducted January 24 – February 10, 2022, the report answers this question. It examines both overall impact of the pandemic and the possible long-term consequences for American Orthodox Christian parishes. The report also discusses “mysteriously” strong growth in vitality that some congregations (12% of all American Orthodox parishes) experienced despite and even because of the pandemic.

Each chapter can be read separately depending on the particular interests of the readers. Among many subjects which are discussed:

  • The positives and negatives of switching to an “online mode” for church services, religious education and other ministries
  • Changes in membership, worship attendance, and involvement in religious education. The reasons for growth in some parishes against the backdrop of a general decline
  • Internal conflicts within parishes and their disagreements with ruling bishops because of pandemic-related decisions
  • Changes in parish vitality. Distinctive features of the 12% of parishes manifesting strong growth in vitality throughout the pandemic
  • Greatest achievements of the parishes during the pandemic and their major fears for the future

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To download executive summary, click HERE

We encourage you to share this report with your parish communities as well as with Orthodox friends and relatives. Send your reflections and comments to orthodoxdata@usreligioncensus.org or use the contact form on the website: www.orthodoxreality.org.

Alexei Krindatch,  National Coordinator
Second Census of Orthodox Christian Churches/2020 US Religion Census
Office: 510-647-9427 Cell: 773-551-7226

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  1. Peter Ray Millman on

    Personally, I don’t think much of this study. Instead of emphasizing ” Orthodoxy,” a personal relationship with Christ should be emphasized. As Father Timothy Cremeens suggested in his book Marginalized Voices, the Orthodox Church is the only one that actively discouraged participation in the ecumenical Charismatic renewal. Smells and bells will only take you so far. Much too much stress is placed on the Orthodox Church being the “one true church.” The Orthodox Church is a hard task master. Too much emphasis placed on fancy titles, and kissing the hands of the clergy. With the present economy, church participation will decline due to emphasizing the un Christian practice of tithing. The price of gasoline alone will cause church attendance to decline. If people want the Orthodox Church to grow, Christ must be exalted. It is not Orthodoxy, it is preaching Christ in all His glory.

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