Orthodox Christianity in America – Where are We Going?: The Future of the American Orthodox Church in the American Cultural Setting


Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois is the setting for the Conference held on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Theme: “Orthodox Christianity in America: Where are we Going?

The presentations will soon be available on Ancient Faith Radio and the OCL website. Please check back for updates.

CLICK HERE to view the power point presentation of Fr Frank Marangos’ presentation: Finding Our Voice: Orthodox Leadership for the 21st Century.

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OCL Celebrates 30 Years with Joy, Gratitude, Fellowship and Thoughful, Relevant Presentations




  1. Timothy Nicholas on

    What really disturbs me are the concerted efforts of some Greek media, especially the only Greek American newspaper The National Herald, to oust Archbishop Demetrios by using backstage means, including Bartholomew and Tsipras meeting in Athens as well as repeated articles in both languages, berating the Archbishop and in Byzantine style preparing the ground for his successor and mistakenly hoping that a change of command will solve the problems we are facing as a Greek American community. Very sad!

  2. Timothy Nicholas on

    For those who are fluent in Greek, I highly recommend the website ORHODOXIA.GR where you can see some of the “machinations” used by the patriarch for our American Orthodoxy. Although I do not agree with many of their views, in this case I feel they are 100% correct!

    • The web address for this site is: www. Orthodoxia.gr/ You will need insert the (/).
      The site is also available in English. However, the translation is convoluted. At the upper left-hand corner of the site the drop-down menu offers the option to translate.

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