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OrthoPrax—Where Church Comes to You!


Source: ICXC Life

Introducing OrthoPrax

With the help of the best developers worldwide, we created the first mobile media app for Orthodox Christians.  OrthoPrax—where Church comes to you!
Experience this pathway to Orthodoxy guided by the Saints through the Orthodox old and new calendars.

This app makes a perfect Christmas gift that will last much longer than any other one!

OrthoPrax® is our first foray into mobile media for Orthodox Christians. Our focus is on the pathway to Orthodoxy, and to help you experience it in an easily accessible manner. Today, many people wrongly believe that their pathway to Christ starts and ends on Sundays. In reality, the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and participation in the Eucharist is an ongoing cycle.

We are not the Church, nor do we try to replace it. But by using our tools, Orthodoxy will become ingrained in your everyday life, and it will not be relegated to the occasional Sunday.

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