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David GelernterSource: First Things

by David Gelernter

Not for many generations has the Church amassed as much prestige as it has under John Paul II and his successors. They underline (or have so far) the formidable quality of church leadership. Since John Paul II’s elevation in 1978, no nation on earth has been led better. That prestige ought to be used in an important cause, and one where it will matter. There is a desperate cause right under the pope’s nose. What is he doing in the Philippines and South America at a moment when, throughout Europe, Christianity is dying?…

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  1. George Karcazes on

    If +Bartholomew is trying to live up to his title of “Ecumenical” he should team up with Pope Francis and tour Europe as suggested in this article … and try to re-Christianize Europe… and then he should sit down with Archbishop Demetrios of America and find out why the singular accomplishment of the last Clergy-Laity Congress was adopting regulations that makes the closing of Parishes in the GOA easier.

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