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HGC_Logo_SmallSource: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Press Office

Dear Media Representatives,

Preparations for the Holy and Great Council, the first after the East-West Schism of 1053, are entering their final stretch. The Council already attracts international interest and a multitude of journalists from all over the world are expected to travel to Crete, Greece in June.

Applications for press accreditation began today May 24, 2016 and will remain open until June 6. They will be processed online only through the official website www.holycouncil.org.

Please note that the Holy and Great Council will meet in Crete June 19-26, 2016. A press center, which will provide access to Wi-Fi, will be available to the media as a courtesy, but all other accommodations and services will be the responsibility of the media outlet. As other details become finalized, they will be posted on the website above.

Press Accreditation

To cover the Holy and Great Council a Press accreditation card is necessary. Media outlets must submit their application at this link https://www.holycouncil.org/media It is important that you read all the information in this communication before proceeding to the application form.

Accreditation will commence on Tuesday, 24 May 2016.

Submitting an application through our website does not denote approval. Security clearances and space availability will impact the accreditation process. 

You will be notified regarding the approval or denial of your application.

To prepare your application, please note the following:

  1. For media outside of Greece: Passport information and date of birth are required for each applicant.
  2. For Greek media: A copy of your Identity Card as issued by the Hellenic Republic is required for each applicant.
  3. Press Card Information and expiration date are required for each journalist. 
  4. A 5cm x 5cm (2-inch x 2-inch) passport-sized photo in jpg format for each individual is required.  
  5. A photocopy (pdf or jpg file) of each individual’s passport is required.
  6. A photocopy (pdf or jpg file) of an official press card is requested.
  7. Each media outlet must submit a letter of assignment, which includes every individual associated with that outlet – freelancers and staff. Your application is not considered complete until receipt of your letter of assignment, and incomplete applications will not be considered for accreditation.
  8. Fields marked with an asterisk are required for the successful submission of the application.


  1. Donald Trumpertor on

    Well, this council is really a “GREEK THING.” The Orthodox Church in America has not been invited to send any bishops! Yet, the OCA is a canonical, only autocephalous Orthodox Church in North America! The Bishop of Istanbul believes he can just snub the OCA as if it doesn’t exist; but the Bishop of Istanbul has MAYBE 1,000 believers in Istanbul and believes he can still control Orthodoxy worldwide. The truth is, he lives in a bubble from the 900’s. If he should wake up, he’ll see that Moscow has really become the 3rd Rome and Istanbul/Constantinople is insignificant.

    If you are going to proclaim yourself as having a Worlwide Pan-Orthodox Council, don’t you think you should invite ALL the canonical Orthodox Churches & bishops? Oh, I get it, it’s a GREEK THING!

  2. Charles Bonoro on

    OCA completely snubbed by the Bishop of Istanbul! Not a full Pan-Orthodox Council, but a Greek fantasy!

    • Charles,

      This council is just a formality. Nothing of any substance will be decided or accomplished. Many of the important items on the agenda have been tabled and only one representative from each of the Oriental Orthodox churches are restricted to the opening and closing ceremonial sessions. This is very sad.

  3. Christos Christomos on


    What it is, is a DISGRACE. All the money spent and all the prep work with major issues not to be discussed and canonical Orthodox Churches not invited. Ridiculous! It is a Greek thing where the Bishop of Istanbul will crow what a fantastic council it was! Pure skata!

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