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Readers’ Questions/Comments About the Charter Crisis in the GOA


  1. Did you know that the GOA was established as an autocephalous church in America & Canada in 1924? (See seal to the left)

  2. Did you know that pressure was applied from abroad in the late 1920s to rescind the autocephaly? See Dr. Paul Manolis’s three-volume study of the GOA which documents the forced alteration of synodical minutes to eliminate references to the autocephalous status here.

  3. Did you know that the GOA is incorporated in NY and is a tax-exempt corporation? (See seal below to the right).

  4. Did you know GOA has had 6 different charters in 99 years – a different one every 16 years?

  5. Did you know that each charter incrementally eliminated the voice and authority of the laity on matters pertaining to administration until administrative oversight was eliminated and the role of the laity is advisory only?

  6. Did you know that now the GOA charters are gifts to the Church in America from the Patriarchate?

  7. Did you know that in 2020, the 6th charter of the GOA which was imposed in 2003 was unilaterally abrogated by the Patriarchate? Neither the U.S. synod nor the laity initiated developing a new charter. Istanbul decided the GOA needed a new charter.

  8. Did you know that we do not know who is involved in developing the new charter?  Who are the committee members? What are the timelines? Does the draft get circulated here in the USA to groups for input and buy-in?

  9. Is this process of foreign interests abrogating a charter of a U.S. corporation even legal?

  10. Did you know that the charter issue has not been discussed by the US synod of bishops and as far as is known, has not been given the opportunity to offer input?

  11. What involvement has the Vicar General had in orchestrating the charter issue?

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