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St. Tikhon’s Seminary Continuing Clergy Education Symposium


Source: Orthodox Church in America

SOUTH CANAAN, PA [STOTS] – In association with its 75th Anniversary Celebration, Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary here will host its 2013 Continuing Clergy Education Symposium June 18-20, 2013.

Speakers and presentation themes to be featured include the following.

“The Glory of Christ-Centered Marriage”—David Ford, Ph.D., Professor of Church History, Saint Tikhon’s Seminary.  A brief study of various Church Fathers and contemporary elders extolling the glory of Christ-centered marriage, especially in light of the various attacks on and increasing confusion about traditional marriage in our society as a whole.  In particular, we will undertake a close study of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra’s classic sermon, “Marriage: The Great Sacrament.”  References also will be made to the Lives of the married saints.

“Transforming Psychological States into Spiritual Ones: Some Practical Advice from the Fathers” — Christopher Veniamin, D.Phil. (Oxon.), Professor of Patristics, Saint Tikhon’s Seminary.  Description: How do we live as Christians? Or perhaps a better way of framing the question would be, how do we die every day as disciples of Christ in our broken world? This presentation aims to give practical advice on living the commandments of Christ, based on the theology of the Church Fathers.

“Sanctify Those Who Love the Beauty of Thy House”—Igumen Sergius (Bowyer), Abbot of Saint Tikhon’s Monastery and Interim Dean of Saint Tikhon’s Seminary.  Perspectives on living the Liturgy.  The course outcome is to have a renewed appreciation and love for the Divine Liturgy and Liturgical life of the Church with the understanding that it is the school whereby we are initiated into the mystery of eternal life. The lecture will focus on Biblical-Patristic sources to enlighten the listeners as to the centrality of the Church’s liturgical life while gaining a greater understanding of how they are the primary tool for the Church’s outreach and evangelism.

“Exorcism: A Current Perspective”—Archimandrite Athanasy, monk of Saint Tikhon’s Monastery.  The course will offer an overview of ancient and modern understandings of exorcism, the purpose of the exorcism prayers, how to discern case by case what issues might be affecting an individual’s and when and when not to consider an exorcism, the importance of having recourse to the Bishop, modern medicine, and resources for discernment and contextual applications.

“The Exploration and Development of the Ministry of Presence”—Archpriest John Kowalczyk, Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Practice, Director of Field Education, Saint Tikhon’s Seminary.  The Ministry of Presence: “When two or three are gathered in My name, I am in their midst” (Matthew 18:20).  The Orthodox pastor explores the “prayerful ministry of presence” with the application of the theology of the sanctification of time.  The presentation will aid the Orthodox pastor in navigating in difficult pastoral scenarios which will be found “outside his comfort zone.”

Registration fee is $50.00 per participant, which includes room and board.

Courses are available for clergy continuing education, approved by Archpriest Ian Pac-Urar.  This is a service provided by the faculty of Saint Tikhon’s Seminary to facilitate the continuing education of clergy, mandated by the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America.

For additional information visit www.stots.edu.


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