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Source: Orthodox Church in America BETHESDA, MD [OCA]  On Tuesday, March 15, the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, meeting in their Regular Spring 2022 Session under the presidency of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon, canonically elected His Grace Bishop Alexis, formerly Bishop of Bethesda and Auxiliary to the Metropolitan for Stravropegial Institutions, Bishop of Sitka and Alaska.

Source: Orthodox Church in America KARAKALLOU, MT. ATHOS [OCA]  On Saturday, July 10, with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon, His Grace Bishop Alexis of Bethesda, locum tenens of the Diocese of Alaska, began an extended visit to his former monastery, the Sacred and Stavropegial Monastery of Karakallou on Mount Athos. His Grace is visiting with the blessing of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and at the invitation of Elder Philotheos, Abbot of the monastery. Elder Philotheos and the brotherhood formally received His Grace and his entourage upon their arrival at the doors of the monastery and processed into the…

Source: Orthodox Church in America SYOSSET, NY [OCA]  The Bishops of the Holy Orthodox Church love their flocks and ever strive to lead them to well-watered and rich pastures. They care for them, body and soul. In so doing, they are following their Master Christ who not only “cast out unclean spirits,” but also healed “all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.” (Matthew 10:1). In the Gospels, we see that Christ sometimes treated the soul first and the body second; at other times, the body first and the soul second. In the presence of…