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Cleo Constantin shared the following message and letter from Sister Nektaria, a Greek Orthodox missionary nun in India: Dear friends, this is the news from Sister Nectaria as of about 20 minutes ago. It is unimaginable!  I was gasping as I read it and then moved to tears. Her passport and visa expired during the extreme lockdown and, although she is required to return to Greece for new paperwork, she was not permitted to leave!  What a situation.  Then the worst cyclone in the history of India devastated the grounds and seriously damaged the buildings with 165 mile-an-hour winds. It is…

Source: Greek Reporter By Tasos Kokkinidis A Greek Orthodox nun in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India has become a symbol of the eternal fight against poverty, illiteracy, child trafficking and prostitution in the city. Sister Nectaria Paridisi, by most accounts the only Greek individual left in Kolkata, through the schools and orphanages she built with the help of donors has become a “mother” for thousands of children, offering them the prospect of a new and better life. She works in Bakeswar on the southern reaches of the city, where she is in charge of two orphanages which are owned by the…