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Source: The National Herald Theodoros Kalmoukos There are two types of clergy pastoring at the parishes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and as a matter of fact in the parishes of the Orthodox Church throughout the world, the married priests with a wife and children and the celibate priests who usually are holders of the officio of Archimandrite. Let me explain that the Archimandrite is basically the priest monk, in other words the monk who has been ordained a priest, who lives and acts in the world and not in the monastery where he actually belongs. The phenomenon…

Source: Sofia News Agency Surrogate motherhood is no different from prostitution, according to Bishop Nikolay, the radical Bulgarian Orthodox Bishop of Plovdiv. Speaking after a service in Plovdiv on Wednesday on the occasion of the arrival of holy relics of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, the parents of Virgin Mary, Nikolay mentioned surrogacy while commenting on a recent case in which Bulgarian heroin-addicts offered their newborn baby “on sale” in an online forum for EUR 5 000. “Two days after I reminded the position of the Holy Synod [of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church] about surrogate motherhood, and I was duly…