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Source: Associates of Colonel Philip Ludwell III Philip Ludwell III is the first known convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity in the Americas. He was a prominent figure in pre-revolutionary Virginia and a relative by blood or marriage of many great early figures in American history from George Washington to Robert E. Lee. The scion of one of the largest landholding and politically prominent families in early Virginia, he was born at Green Spring near Williamsburg on December 28, 1716. One year after his marriage to Frances Grymes in the summer of 1737, the young Ludwell travelled from Williamsburg to London, England.…

Source: CantonRep.com By Charita Goshay CantonRep.com staff writer CANTON, OH — Talk to him for a bit, and it becomes apparent that the Very Rev. Stacey Richter is passionate about his faith. It wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, the priest of Holy Assumption Orthodox Church at 2027 18th St. NE, was an atheist. A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada, Richter and his twin brother were raised by a lapsed Catholic mother and an atheist stepfather. Their father, who lived nearby, also was an avowed atheist. “My dad was a militant atheist,” Richter said. “He really did…